Moving from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s

Hello there,

I have not written this sort of thing down before, in particular when an Apple Watch is involved.  So here is what worked for me (and yes, I do use the iTunes connected method as I believe that is most reliable and even faster too).

  1. Make sure that the old iPhone is fully charged
  2. Make sure the Apple Watch is fully charged
  3. First make sure you have one Cloud backup, and most important, have an encrypted iTunes backup (info here). Make sure to have your encrypted backup password handy.
  4. Have your Cloud account credentials handy
  5. Make sure your iPhone is at 9.0.1 and all apps are updated.
  6. Unpair your Apple Watch. Be aware that it does do a backup before it does this.
  7. Now move your chip from the old phone to the new.
  8. Now start your new iPhone and only go as far as necessary to select iTunes. Don’t worry about Wifi.
  9. Do a restore.
  10. Do fingerprint(s).
  11. Now you will need to do the 9.0.1 upgrade, yes the iPhone 6s showed up with iOS 9.0.
  12. Now you should have an app restore occur. It will not happen - at least for me, until I enter my iTunes account info, then it worked fine.
  13. Now pair your watch. Make sure it works!
  14. You will now have to add your Security Code to your credit cards in the Wallet.
  15. Wipe your old phone now - even if you are going to keep it, wipe it, and rename it (more info). Confirm it is removed from managed devices - you can see that on iCloud.

Things I noticed:

  • 1Password had to be told to use iCloud again but that took only a minute and all was good - nothing lost or confused.  I did have to re - enable Touch ID support as well.
  • Withings needed to be logged into again - not sure why the credentials were not restored. Plus, it needed the gadget - in this case blood pressure monitor - re connected to Bluetooth. Again sort of easy once you figured it out!
  • Canary did not work. It opens to a black screen.  I had to delete it from my iPhone, and install it again.  Then log in again.  I am becoming less and less happy with Canary.
  • Tripit needed to be logged in again.
  • My email, calendar, Evernote, Tweetbot, Expensify, Piper, Slack, Gaia, all worked fine.  No need to re-enter credentials or configuration.  Which of course makes sense as I did an encrypted backup!

Hope that this helps, and BTW, it was quite a quick process except for the second restore - which was of the apps - that took maybe 15 - 20 minutes but your mileage will vary depending on how many apps you have.


  • 10/6/15 - just realized there is something important to remember when you move to a new iPhone.  You car or GPS connections will not work.  The new Bluetooth MAC address after all.  So, don’t forget to repair as necessary.
  • 10/4/15 - I push people to use encrypted backups due to most of your passwords will be part of it.  But, I also learned here that it will also include your Health data as well.  So another reason to use encrypted backups!


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