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iOS 8.3 is now here!

This looks like quite a big release.  Just in case you did not read everything during the upgrade. Also, I suggest upgrading using iTunes and not over the air.  While it works over the air, there can be some additional

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Check out my new HooDoo TripMate Elite!

I heard about these new gadgets and they seemed to be interesting.  In the long ago past I cared a LinkSys portable WAP, and in the not long ago past I carried an Apple mini Extreme and they were all

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New toy - Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt - Very Nice!

I have mentioned this to you before when it came on the market.  But I got one.  It has an integrated Thunderbolt cable.  I have an older one that travels in my checked luggage that I use with SuperDuper for

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