Newsletter: December 12, 2015

Hello all, A week in HQ is always powerful.  I sit among the support organization and it is exciting and fun.  I even get to help sometimes.  Plus working with engineering architects is fun too!  But in the last bit

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tvOS 9.1 is now GA

We have an update for the Apple TV.  I am a big fan of the Apple TV (see this) and I have only one serious complaint so I am quite curious to see if 9.1 fixes it.  You can see

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watchOS 2.1 is now GA

We have a new watchOS update and it seems to be a mix of patches, and regional support.  I do not have any issues outstanding that this update might fix.  But I do not know all of the fixes in

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OS X 10.11.2 is GA

This update has a lot of bug fixes.  Some are in Wifi and some in Bluetooth.  There is 39 security fixes too.  You can find a full list here.  I suggest a good image backup before you update - I

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iOS 9.2 is GA

iOS 9.2 is now out.  There seems to quite a few fixes in it.  As always I am not doing an over the air (OTA) upgrade but rather one connected to iTunes.  As I update devices I will update this

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Newsletter: December 5, 2015

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well on this weekend.  I hope that everyone had an interesting and rewarding week as well.  I have been at home for two weeks and that is always good.  Back on the road

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A vCenter Server resource is missing or invalid

I recently saw this error and it was while I was trying to deploy an OVA file from a vendor. This is one I have not seen before - not even a twinge of memory on it. Since this happened

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