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Install and configure of the Cisco RV325 Firewall

Hello all, Something a little different today. Background Some time ago my home lab firewall (RV220W) was end of life (EOL) and of course that was a problem for me.  Not that I had ever called Cisco for support but

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Heading off on PTO - Hiking in Deserts again!

I wanted everyone to know that I have two weeks PTO starting tomorrow so that will change my blogging frequency. Which is not that good lately due to difficult work and travel conditions. But I feel bad about that and

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Home Security Gadgets Revisited

Hi there, I have played with quite a number of the new security appliances that are simple and useful at home. I like how they are self-contained and don’t require contracts or monitoring other then me. But I have had

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Office 2016 template location - not what you expect!

Hi all, A short note so that I can remember, and you can find, the template location for Office 2016 on the Mac.  Why do I do this? It may appear, and certainly Google will agree, that your template location

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Newsletter: April 12, 2015

Hello all, I am still writing to you from Nashua.  Supposed to head home this weekend but instead spend almost the whole thing in the lab.  Exciting times.  It should be done soon and I can head home this week. 

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iOS 8.3 is now here!

This looks like quite a big release.  Just in case you did not read everything during the upgrade. Also, I suggest upgrading using iTunes and not over the air.  While it works over the air, there can be some additional

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Newsletter: April 4, 2015

Hello all, I trust this finds everyone well today?  I had a busy but interesting week.  Yesterday had fun adding SSD and controllers to my work lab hosts. More on that below.  Lots to share this week and as always

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