Newsletter: November 5, 2016

Hello all,

This is a haphazard produced newsletter as I am in the mountains this weekend for the very famous Banff Mountain Film Festival.  Which is pretty amazing actually - a Great event.  I did an article this week about adding new wireless to my house which has turned out well, and one about moving to a new Apple Watch.

I talked with some Veeam customers recently and again they no idea about SureBackupJobs.  They are very useful and every customer should be using them.  This might help. I do recommend everyone should be using them.  I found yesterday an article to help get external access to your SureBackupJob - which is quite handy.  As well here is some info to help secure your Veeam environment.

I updated one of my articles since Virtualization Manager hit v7 recently.  A very nice tool!

BTW, if you want to test out a cool tool to backup your Office 365 environment we have one that you can try out - it works well and is quite useful for backup / restore but also compliance work too.

Last minute note - don’t install Exchange 2016 (CU3) on Win2K16 until further notice.  See more here.

But lots of cool stuff to share so lets get started!

Have a great week!


vSphere 6.5 security scripts
Mike has started to populate his GitHub with scripts to help you with vSphere 6.5 security and enabling secure boot or encryption.  Nice.

Host not ready error when installing NSX agents
Frank has interesting problem when installing NSX and I suspect I might stumble into it one day too when I start with NSX.  And Frank being a Scholar and a Gentleman, has shared the solution too!

DRS got even smarter with Predictive DRS
This is pretty cool - in vSphere 6.5 it will work with a future version of vRealize Operations (that is compatible with vSphere 6.5) and use historical information to determine potential contention and vMotion before the issue.  Is that cool or what!?

Migrating from VCSA Embedded PSC to external PSC
I have had people mention this before and that they were thinking of it, and they were not sure just what the steps where.  I love it when that happens and I find a nice article to share!

VCSA 6.5 - What’s New
This is one of the better what’s new articles in the VCSA and I know it is accurate. Emad knows what he is talking about.

PowerCLI study guide - core concepts
This actually looks like training on PowerCLI - very nice. You do need to know a bit about vSphere, and PowerShell but this is a great way to learn PowerCLI.

In The Bag #1 - Week 44
Christian Mohn has started doing a newsletter kind of thing and he picks articles well!

Want to speak at VeeamON and get hotel / flight / entrance free?
If you have something important to talk about, and that people will find interesting and useful, and it is connected to Veeam, you can submit here and if selected most excellent! I think it is very cool that Veeam covers the hotel / flights and entrance to the event if you are a speaker.

Oh, that’s scary: running telenetlogger on my Home PC
This is a very interesting article in that you can learn more about how some of the biggest DDoS attacks have been possible and also get some info on if you being targeted!

#ProjectTomorrow - Generic “Home Lab” use cases, Why’s?, What for’s?
My new co-worker Michael has an article - in fact a series, starting, on home labs.  This is of course an important topic to me too.   A home lab - my first was - if I remember correctly a Compaq Proliant 1600 running Novell - and I have had something ever since then.  So a big believer and it was interesting to read Michael’s article.  I wish I could remember what version of Novell I was running.  Was pretty cool stuff back then!

This is - I just realized - the podcast I listen to most.  They never waste my time - and that happens a lot so when it doen’t it quite surprises me.  Episode 29 was particularly good and it was about vSphere 6.5 security.  Really well done and full of great info.

Re-IP issue when I was failing over replicated virtual machines
I was using Veeam replication to replicate a couple of virtual machines and when I tried out the failover functionality it did not work as expected.  The two machines did not pick up their static IP address but got DHCP.  Turns out this is a known issue on Win7 and Win2K8R2.  Find out more in the KB article.  But, what the article doesn’t say but hopefully soon it will is that when you add those Microsoft patches that they too replace your network card and you end up with DHCP addresses. Just change back to static and all will be good!

MS:Exchange & Office 365, Create Mailboxes and Dummy emails for testing
This article caught my eye as one of my co-workers has been working on our new O365 backup product so I think he has likely gone through this too.  But good info on setup of an O365 testing environment. BTW, if you want to test out our product you can find out more here.

Remote Administration tools for Windows 10
Just in case you missed it, you can find the updated tools for Win10 and Remote admin.

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Launch
If you are curious about the recent NetApp talk around cloud and backups you can find out more in this article.

My Final thoughts and key takeaways on Microsoft Ignite 2016, Atlanta
One of my co-workers was at Ignite and had this article to share.  I hear from him and others a lot of good things about this event.  I like how they opened up sessions to the world very quickly.

When animals attack
I have tried explaining recently to someone that bears would not attack us in the back-country.  It wasn’t like the movies or TV shows.  Bears almost never attack and when things happen there is often an explanation.  Bike rider moving fast down a hill and quite accidentally runs into a bear eating berries.  Or hikers walking quieting near a loud river get between the mommy bear and the baby bear. So recently when I saw this article I thought wow - I should share it as it is pretty good.  So here is an article that is pretty educational and mostly accurate.

10 Apps every Mac User should own
I don’t normally share these lists unless there is much to offer.  And there is some very good apps - like 1Password for example on this list.

Explaining Thunderbolt 3, USB-3, Everything in between
Yes, I have bought a new MBP 15 with only thunderbolt 3 ports - four of them in fact.  And I am astounded of the silliness floating about.  But here is a good article that explains the ports nicely. I don’t have my MBP yet, but in a couple of weeks it should be here and I have already started on my review.  Mostly doing that due to all the comments floating around. But curious if you should upgrade - check this out.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


=== END ===

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