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File Migration Series - Tool Update

Hello there, This was supposed to be the fun part of the File Migration Series  - meaning the actual file migration.  After the last part of it - which you can find here, I started to test the tool -

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The file migration tool I suggest you use - SyncBackPro!

Hello all, Before I worked at VMware I was a professional services guy.  I have helped customers migrate to new file servers, new arrays, sometimes even old arrays.  The best tool I ever found was Secure Copy.  It was very

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Mass SvMotion!

As part of my File Migration Series, I have been talking about moving files.  But this weekend I had to move a bunch of virtual machines from one storage array to another.  So I thought it was time for a

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File Migration Series - Design and Testing

Hi everyone, We are continuing today with our File Migration Series, and we are looking at design and test in this article.  You can find the series, overview, and planning articles if you want to see the other parts of

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File Migration Series - Overview

Hello, As you may remember, I did exclaim lately I bought new storage.  I am moving from an older QNAP (TS-459 Pro II) and EMC Iomega (PX4-300d)  to a new Synology 1813 and have been talking with people lately about

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