Newsletter: 28 August 2021

A nice week here, and I hope a great week for everyone else. It seems there is still fires and flooding going on in the world. I have read - in good stuff - that domestic terrorism is big and we likely will see more of it. It was a slow week for articles but I do have some good ones.

Have a great and safe week!


Take Five: 5 Must-See VMworld 2021 Sessions

You can see Tom’s excellent list in this article, and my list in this article.

VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 2c is now GA, here’s how to download it any which way!

Paul has a nice article on the download.

vSAN Storage Rule policy capability allows to set dedupe per VM?

Duncan has some very interesting and useful info for you in this article. Really good for the newer vSphere shops.

Command-line upgrade of vCenter fails with Test transaction failed to update packages error

Duncan has an article with a problem and solution. Very handy and I did not know you could do a CLI type upgrade of vCenter.

Announcing General Availability vRealize Automation 8.5

I am a little late with this article, but it has lots of info and links.

How to provide VM lease date during submission of VM build using ABX flow

Not a VRA guy, so I don’t fully understand this article but hopefully it is useful.

Using ESXi ISO image builder with VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 2

This article should be quite helpful with adding drivers to the ESXi ISO image. The process to do that appears to have changed.

[API] New Way to gather Horizon Events

An interesting article that even has scripts to help you out and get access to Horizon events.

Log Insight - VM Monitoring Dashboard

This article shows you an amazing dashboard for tracking VM changes,

Notes from the field: VMware Access Kerberos integration and Office 365

A short article that has some very useful info for people integrating Office 365 to their normal network.

Updating VCSA and hitting the error Test RPM transaction failed

This is an error that Duncan hit while updating. He shows you how to deal with it in this article.

7 Ways to Protect Applications on VMware vSphere

Bob has an excellent video on this you can find right here.

Install and configure ocVIRT for KVM Homelab - Part 1

Anthony has done a nice job on this article. No sure how many of you want a KVM home lab mind you.

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive - Part 2, Implementation

A very useful and interesting Veeam article on back up options in the cloud.

How to use Disk Utility in macOS to manage your hard drive

This is in fact a very powerful and useful tool. This article will remind you.

iOS 15: How to switch to Private Browsing on iPhone with the new Safari

Interesting functionality and something useful for us all. See the details in this article.

Veeam Agent for Mac - Cloud Connect integration

This article with help you get started with a Mac backup of a very specific type.

Security Advisories - vRealize Operations, VMware Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

You can learn more about this advisory in this article.

Security Advisory - Log Insight, VMware Cloud Foundation

You can learn more about this advisory in this article.

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