OS X 10.11.1 is here!

Hi again,

If iOS 9.1, or watchOS 2.0.1 wasn’t enough, we also have OS X 10.11.1.  I have upgraded my MacBook Pro Retina with no issues.  Make sure to have your full backup first, and have your iCloud password when it is done and you are good.  I notice that in the list of improvements there is some for Office 2016 users.  Not sure exactly what though.

Here is a little more info on this update, and one tidbit is that there is over 30 security fixes in this release.

But for MS Office 2016 help, or to get the security fixes, this update should be applied sooner rather then later.  On my MBP it was smooth and easy for an update.

PS, I only had the one MS Office issue I have mentioned before.  If I open Word using a Word document it would not work and get me in an error circle.  But opening Word, then opening the same file would work fine.  I do not have that issue any longer.


  • 10/22/15 - one reader mention that this update solved his MS Office 2016 issues.  Good to hear!


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