The Power of NOT

Really, there is power to knowing how to NOT do something.  And in Nashua lately that means how to not shovel snow.  Which no one has escaped! We had 23 – 30 inches of snow in a day.  Quite fun.

This was from when I headed out that morning to get my car and head to work.  I did not know there was a travel ban on.

My apartment parking lot!

My apartment parking lot!

But today we are going to spend some time on the more adventurous use of Search in the DataGravity appliance.  I started on this journey here but I want to look at using some less common tools in search – AND, OR and NOT.

Lets get started.  BTW, if you did not read the article I reference above it is a good time to do that before you continue.


Below you can see a search that is:

NOT *.js

This shows me all files except for JavaScript files.

It is important to note that the NOT is in upper case!  I typed the whole thing into the File Path field.

Here is another example of using NOT.  We are going to look for files owned by Michael White but not files or folders of BakBone.


As I have mentioned in my previous search article when you have a search where there is terms that are in the same class it is an implied OR, but between classes it is an implied AND.  See below for an example.

The image above shows a search that in a word description I would say looking for documents that dg_system or Michael White have written / read from in the past day.


We have already seen this.  Here is an example of where we want to see documents owned or read / written by Michael White or dg_system.

Here is another example that is presented a little differently.  I am looking for contents that are vmkfstools or green.

Here is another example: vmkfstools OR green and only in the Knowledge folder structure.

But here is another way to see it.

I like doing a content search this way – meaning the AND, OR, NOT in the actual content search term.  The screenshot before this is the similar but the OR is implied.  BTW, you can use - instead of NOT if that helps - for example “protein -kinase”.

I should point out that when you are do implicit searches you may not always get what you want as it is not obvious sometimes. I think when you see the AND, OR, NOT kind of info it is more clear.


So you learned some basic and useful search info in my past article, but now we have learned about using some more advanced terms like AND, OR, and NOT.

Questions or comments always welcome!


  • 11/21/15 - updated with the new DGTech tag so you can easily find all the articles that are DataGravity technical.  Also made the screenshots above easier to view.
  • Updated for version 2 of the DataGravity Software.


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