Newsletter: December 14, 2014

Hello all,

I hope that this finds everyone home - happy and safe.  I just got home yesterday after a long time away and I am very happy to be home. I am home for about three weeks and that is just wonderful!  You can expect to see a bunch of things from me over the new few weeks.

As always, I hope that you find something interesting in today article.

Have a great week!


vRealize Operations v6.0 now available
This is finally available and very good to see!  Find the release notes here.   This is a big release and I have more info on it below. Licensing of this product is done in the product and not in the typical place.  The release notes have a long list of new stuff but I like how the Custom and vSphere screens are combined.  BTW, the release notes imply you need to use the C# client to install but I can confirm installing with the vSphere Web Client works fine.  BTW, VMware Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) is not upgraded at this time.  This week I will learn if the current 5.8.3 will work fine with 6.0 of vRO and I will share.  Would you like to know how to automate deployment?  If so check this out.

Getting Started with vRealize Operations v6.0 - Install & Migration
I recently had to install vRO and I used this article to provide a quick reminder on what is necessary for a new install using this new version.  That article referenced above has four parts and it will get you going.  As well, if you want some background use this.  It too has four parts.  I have an upgrade to do soon and I am using this as a reference. Yes, I know, it is not actually an upgrade but a migration!

The Diary of a Keen Upgrader - vC Ops 5.8.3 to 5.8.4 upgrade
In this article you learn of an OS upgrade problem when you are upgrading vC Ops from 5.8.3 to 5.8.4.  Since this is a script type issue others likely will run into this too.  So it is good you can learn about it in advance!

vRealize Automation 6.2 now available
This is now available and is also a welcome big release.  Find the release notes here.  You can find more info on the 6.1 to 6.2 upgrade here.  I really like how there is centralized log collection - which even includes the IaaS logs.  Most excellent.  There looks like a lot of new API support in this version too.  You can find info about the newly updated pre-req script in this.  You can find out more about this release here.

VMware vRealize Log Insight 2.5 upgrade
Thanks goodness we have a great acronym for this very long product name - vR LI, or maybe it is still LI?  I wanted to let you know that I have done the 2.5 upgrade and it was very smooth indeed.  So easy and simple I am not blogging how to do it - unless one of you ask me too.  I particularly like the upgrade successfully email you get.  That is a very nice touch indeed!  Here is the release notes.  Her is some info on supported upgrade paths - although for many of us I do not think we will have to worry about any of the details!  Here is something to quickly check before the upgrade.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager now available
This is essentially a patch to SRM 5.8 and I recommend it.  You can find it here, and more information in this.

Handy VCSA Operational KB Resources
William has done a nice article here that has a collection of links to useful KB articles on the VCSA.  Both William and I are very big fans of the the VCSA form factor.  He has both KB and his own article organized to make it handier to find things.  Very useful and thanks very much William.

The Trouble Connecting vCenter Virtual Appliance to Active Directory
Michael has a good example of an AD issue with the VCSA and AD as well as the solution too - this is a hard one so good that Michael has shared out the info!

Reconnecting a host to vCenter Server fails - rejected password for user vpxuser
Have you tried to connect an ESXi host back to vCenter?  I have and sometimes when it doesn’t work it can be very frustrating.  I lived this but here is the full info on one situation that can cause this and the fix!

Load Balancing HA vCenter Single Sign-On with NSX
If you want to use NSX to load balance vC SSO this article is definitely for you.  This work is not for the faint of heart so it is good to have some guidance.

VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Availability Guide
Eric shares out a link for a relatively new vC availability guide.

3 Ways to Get Started with VMware NSX
I have had a variety of you ask how you can get NSX bits to play with.  I have an answer now - take an NSX course, and if you are approved you will get access to the bits.  But you can find more in this how you can get started with NSX.

VMware App Volumes Deployment Guide
If you want to learn how to deploy App Volumes here is a link to a technical white paper. I do not know much about it, and have not seen the product at all.  You can find the bits here, and the release notes here.

AutoLab version 2.0 Released
This is a maintenance and usability release and it is most welcome.  This is a wonderful tool that I have met many people that use it for learning and studying.  Find the announcement here, and bits.  For first time users make sure to follow the advice and check out the deployment guide.

Exchange Releases: December 2014
You can catch up on the Exchange releases for December in this article - in case you are wondering why I am sharing this is I am getting Exchange going in my lab - and yes documenting it too!

An overview of NetApp data protection tools
I saw this recently and thought it was a good list of NetApp tools.

NetApp Integrated EVO:Rail - a triumph of marketing over common sense
Here is an article on this subject that has some good points and is a different viewpoint then what Duncan has said on this subject.

Cloud Native Applications - for Dummies
Here is an interesting article - got the name of it from Duncan in this.

How to Design an Effective Naming Convention
I shared this with you last week - at least I think it was last week - on naming structures but then I found this that actually details things better.  This is something very similar I have helped various companies do.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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