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Newsletter: November 29, 2014

Hello all, I hope everyone has had a good week?  Pretty short for those of you in the US.  I had an empty office to work in Thursday and Friday.  Very productive but lonely and quiet.  Thursday - Thanksgiving, I

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File Migration Series - Tool Update

Hello there, This was supposed to be the fun part of the File Migration Series  - meaning the actual file migration.  After the last part of it - which you can find here, I started to test the tool -

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The file migration tool I suggest you use - SyncBackPro!

Hello all, Before I worked at VMware I was a professional services guy.  I have helped customers migrate to new file servers, new arrays, sometimes even old arrays.  The best tool I ever found was Secure Copy.  It was very

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Why VMware customers should have DataGravity!

Hi all, I have been working in the lab lately quite a bit.  Some of it is boring type lab stuff like upgrades and checking logs and things.  But my boss suggested I should be thinking about why VMware customers

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Wow! Thanks Enron! Look what DataGravity can easily find!!

This is amazing.  One of my co-workers suggested I look at this data - the Enron email files - using our DataGravity storage appliance.  So I downloaded and copied it to a CIFS share, extracted it, and now it was

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Power Searching - looking for gold!

Again, I could not help myself.  Looking for gold is fun!  And yes, you can find very interesting things in a DataGravity appliance that some might consider gold.  Today I want to highlight search in our storage appliance.  It is

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Newsletter: October 26, 2014

Hello all, I am writing this while in Austin Texas.  As I flew into it I saw an amazing city.  However, I am out on the outskirts where it is mostly hot, sunny, and lonely.  Although, next door to this

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