Review: The Ultimate Survival Manual

This one is known as the Extreme Version and it is suitable. It has a lot of useful info in it. In fact, so much so the book is heavy.

The book has things like the following:

  • How to make a very good Bug Out Bag.
  • Dealing with bleeding and CPR type stuff.
  • Traveling on the ICE
  • Dealing with poison
  • Puting your Pee to work
  • Use a map
  • Swim against a riptide
  • Make a solar still
  • Make emergency snow shoes
  • Remove a tick
  • Spit – roast a bunny
  • Know your Bears!
  • Upgrade Your Shelter
  • Beware Africa’s Deadlist Beasts
  • Signal Fires
  • Craft a raft
  • And a lot more things

There is lots of pictures, a very nice table of contents, and the text is well written too. I have a number of survival courses I have done – including one that was approximately three weeks – and what is in this book is first rate.

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