Newsletter: August 7, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well. My wife – Angela and I had a short holiday this week in Waterton. Was a lot of fun, and we saw 4 bears too. Nice to get out again.

No one has commented on my short stories. The one that is out now is an adventure story and I think many of you will like it. Please check it out and let me know. If people let me know what they think I will do other stories.

This newsletter takes a lot of work for me, so I hope people like it.

Lots to share so lets get started.


Announcing the Project Monterey Early Access Program

We have heard about Project Monterey but have not seen a lot of info on it. Here is a simple article on it. Not full of technical info but it has some.

Helpful Resources for vSphere with Tanzu

Mike has an article that is all about useful resources for vSphere admins who want to get going with Tanzu.

How VMware IT Achieves Nondisruptive Disaster Recovery

This article explains how VMware does it, but it is a huge amount of extra work. I think a test failover would be a lot less work.

Ransomware Requires DRaaStic Measures – Part II

An interesting article on protecting yourself from Ransomware. It seems to be a lot more work than normal to protect yourself.

Quick Tip – Preserving FQDN hostname on Photon OS

William had some interesting issues on a VEBA appliance that that had to do with Photon OS. This article will help you avoid the issue.

How to fix “extensions/v1beta1” & missing required field “selector” for Yelb Kubernetes application?

William has another article with an interesting issue and solution.

Veeam: Detailed HTML Daily Report for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is now available – Community Project

Jorge has an article that will get working for you the very nice report Jorge has made.

Terraform vSphere Provider – Error while creating vApp properties

Dean has a very interesting article about his issue and the solution.

VMware vSphere with Tanzu Getting Started book

You can get this useful book from this article.

How to Create a vApp in vSphere7

Al has you covered to make a vApp in this article.

vRealize Operations – Error: Failed to Test Adapter instance – Finding Adapter Logs

Dean has a very interesting article and some very useful info.

Using Terraform to Deploy the Pure Storage Appliance

I do not know anything about Terraform but David sure seems to in this article. He shares an issue and the solution.

Python Client for VMC on AWS – Part I – User Management

This article will show you a number of things you can use Python for on VMC.

Protecting VMware vCenter by using a “Least Privilege Model”

This article will help with connecting Veeam to vCenter and it has lots of good info.

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  1. Thank you for this post Michael. Glad do hear that you had some funny days with your wife.

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