Newsletter: July 31, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good week. Mine was mostly OK. Next week is a roadtrip that will be fun.

A couple of you have asked what life with ALS is. It is all about losing muscles. So no more hiking, running or climbing, no more rescuing people, and even going to the bathroom is a problem. I have a slight breathing issue due to loss of muscles too. Plus now my muscle has dropped enough so I cannot do up my watch strap or do up the buttons on my shirts. It all sucks but I can still eat and drink, plus have short walks with my wife. The normal life of an ALS person is 2-5 years I think but I won’t last 5 I suspect. Most people have trouble eating / drinking / walking, but for me I have pain. It is like a different version of ALS but while I have shared that with the doc’s they have not confirmed or denied. I still work on this newsletter but it is quite hard and takes a lot of time. The biggest thing about ALS that bothers me is that alcohol impact is magnified. So what I used to drink now means a lot more impact on me and pisses off my caregiver (who is my wife). Caregivers are super important to ALS people and I a very lucky to have a great one.

No one has commented on my short story. So I won’t bother with my second. My first short story was one my family readers / editors really liked. Several of them said if I turned it into a book they would buy it.

Here is an odd article but interesting and with pictures. It is about another lost summer.

I really have a lot to share so we should get started.

Have a great week!


Modern Least Privilege and DevSecOps

Kit wrote a really interesting article that is full of good points. If you are doing devops you should read it carefully. There really is a lot of good ideas in it.

Performance when using vSAN Encryption Services

Another great, and educational, article from Pete Koehler. He always does great stuff to learn from.

vRealize Automation 8.4.2 and more Released

This article breaks down on one of the releases and use release notes for the others so still handy.

What’s New in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

This article talks of what is new and how it is good for you. I am a BCDR specialist with a lot of experience but none with cloud based protection. But this article sounds pretty good for cloud stuff.

Candid talk from the man behind your favourite Windows Tools

I love these tools, I even add some of them to my template. This article talks about the Sysinternals tools which I really like. In particular the ones I use the most are Autoruns, and Process Explorer.

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes Changes the Game

Melissa did an article about vsphere 7 and Kubernetes or Tanzu. It is quite well done so check it out and learn a bit.

How to Secure Your Customer’s Data over Insecure Public Wi-Fi

This is a good article to read. It is full of good info. I have twice been involved in things that were people connecting to public wifi and start trying to steal useful info. I have caught a guy doing this, an and a small round box. I got a guy I know who is a security rock star to check out the round box and wow it was interesting. It has broken may account passwords, and had started attack apps.

Introducing NSX Advanced Firewall for VMware Cloud on AWS

An interesting article about new functionality in NSX for AWS customers. I suspect over time it will be good for other customers too. Better security is always a good thing.

IcedID: Analysis and Detection

An interesting article about a security issue. The more you know, the harder it is for the bad guys to fool you.

Script to Cleanup Desktops Running Old Snapshots

A nice article with nice script that should be quite helpful for many IT admins. It has good knowledge on using the script too, and examples of what might happen. The guy that wrote the script is a very knowledgeable VDI and scripting guy.

Microsoft Active Directoy Documentation Script v3.06

I am a big fan of Carl’s scripts. This article has one for doc of AD.

VMware Cloud Foundation - Reset vCenter Server Root Password

This article will help you do what the title suggests. It is not painful either.

Race Ahead to Kubernetes: A Learning Path for System Administrators

This article talks about Kubernetes adoption and how they sometimes go poor as there is no experience in the organization. They have a few links to help learn more, but not much. They also have a learning path document that can help a lot. They also have a Happy SysAdmin day article with is interesting. They also have a link (on the Sysadmin page) that takes you to Kit’s book on Virtualisation Professional Career guide. Here is the web site that can certify you as a K8’s admin.

Design Guide for Sucessfully Deploying Your VMware Cloud on AWS

Find the info here.

Adding Network Permissions to Kubernetes PV back by vSAN File Share

Cormac has you covered on this tasking in this article. Interesting stuff.

How to move your VDI workloads to the Public Cloud

An interesting article that is trying to teach what to think about and worry about when moving to the public cloud.

GITOPS - Including backup in your Continous Deployments

Michael has an article on this that can help. Michael has good info and a good description in this article.

oVirt: Detailed Guide on How-to Deploy, and Configure oVirt on top of VMware vSphere 7.x

Jorge has an interesting article with lots of details. So you can learn!

Notes from the lab: VMware UAG 2106 and Admin SAML

This article will help you get the SAML working.

Resolving VMC - Objects with non-compliant storage polices in SDDC

Dean teaches about this subject - in this article - and does a nice job.

Kaseya - Ransomware MSP attacks

A nice article with some good learning too. Security, and ransomware as part of it are interesting tests and easy to see and understand.

VCSA 7.0 Update 2 Upgrade Issue - Exception occurred in install precheck phase

William talks about an upgrade issue he had. There is a workaround in the article too.

1816: The (other) lost summer

This article talks about a different summer but with some connections to what is happening now in the world.

Thanks for skimming or reading this far,


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