Newsletter: July 24, 2021

I hope everyone had a good week. In my part of Canada there is a lot of wild fires and smoke ruins an outside walk pretty easy. Lots to share this week so I should get started.

Have a great week! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of the newsletter.


A Journey to Multi-Cloud - Disaster Recovery

Another article with a person writing with a very small knowledge of BCDR. But the article has lots of good info on clouds in it.

High Availability is the Worst Reason to go Multi-Cloud

Read all about it in this article.

TKG Service Routing Options on VMware Cloud on AWS

This article has good info in it on service routing but also has other good info.

Understanding VMware ESXi Queuing and the FlashArray

Cody has a great article on some technical stuff people don’t think of too much so it is good learning.

My recommended sessions for VMworld 2021!

Duncan always does a very good list of sessions to see and this year no difference. See his list for this year in this article. Some very good sessions are listed.

Getting Started with Veeam Agent for Mac

This article will get your Mac backed up!

Kasten by Veeam feature at Cloud Field Day 11

Lots of links for more info but also some good written blurbs too in this article. Kasten is designed for cloud native protection for K8’s.

Veeam resources you need to be aware of

This article details the resources that help you as a Veeam customer. I really like the Word from Gostev - I read it as soon as it drops.

Veeam Install Error - “Selected …. port is not available.”

This is a bad error, I have had it and had no idea how to get past it. Here is more info on it.

Learn these macOS Terminal shortcuts and spend less time typing

This article all macOS users should check out. The commands in it are quite useful.

WatchOS 7.6 update is available with new features, but fixes

You can learn more in this article.

Apple releases iOS 14.7 with bug fixes, security enhancements

Here is an article on this release. There is no iPadOS update when this first dropped, but there is now. Lots of security fixes in both iOS and iPadOS.

Apple Releases tvOS 14.7 update for Apple TV boxes

There is general performance and stability improvements. There is also security updates. Find out a little more in this article.

Apple condemms Pegasus cyberattacks against Journalists in new statement

This article has the full detail on this. For at least as full as is possible.

macOS Big Sur 11.5 Problems: 5 things to know

11.5 dropped yesterday and it was a tough one to install and took longer too. But here is an article where some things that might help with the upgrade.

Apple Releases iPadOS 14.7 and macOS 11.5 with Security Notes for Recent OS Updates

You can learn more about this title via these notes.

Hitachi Vantara Storage Plug-In for Veeam Now Available

This article will help you understand the title.

Obscure Bug Could disable the %p%s%S%S%S%N WiFi on your Phone or iPad

This article will help make sense of this title.

Closer look at vSphere Permissions for vSphere with Tanzu

William has you covered in this article.

Comment: How new features in iOS 15 helped when my iPhone 12 was stolen

This article will tell the story.

Serious Sam - CVE-2021-36934

Marius has the full details on this new issue in this article.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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