Newsletter: July 17, 2021

I hope this newsletter finds everyone well? There are massive wildfires in some parts of the world, and amazing water damage in other parts of the world. So I hope everyone is OK and doing well.

I hope you get a chance to check out my short storys, I will be adding other short storys there.

Lets get started as I have lots of stuff to share. BTW, check out this link to find cloud articles.

Have a great week!


What’s New in VMware Cloud on AWS: July 2021

This article will detail what is new this release in the cloud.

VMware Cloud Director 10.3 release

Here is the release notes - it looks like a very big release.

New storage devices added to Community NvMe Driver for ESXi Fling

William talks about the changes in this article.

VMware Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager is now available for Azure Workloads

Cato describes the ability to use SRM to recover in Azure in this article.

Addressing Multiple Disaster Recovery SLA’s with VMware Cloud on AWS

This article helps you understand what you can do WRT multiple plans.

iSCSI adapter IQN changed after upgrading to ESXi 7.0 U2

This article has the full details including how to avoid this issue.

Build great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud - Part 4:

You can learn more about doing your own dashboards in this article.

VMware Event Broker Appliance - Part VII - Public Certificates with Let’s Encrypt

You can learn how to change the cert in the VEBA in this article. And good info too!

Export report email from Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange is sent in an unexpected language

You can learn more about this issue, or the workaround, in this article.

Installed WordPress plugin CloudFare and not recieving email any more?

Duncan has an article that will show you how to fix this.

Quick Tip - Retrieving vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) DVPport ID & Status using PowerCLI

William shows you how to do this - but not sure what you would do with the DVport ID - in this article.

Useful Kubernetes Tricks / Tools

William is going to show you some cool stuff to help you out when dealing with Kubernetes.

Secure by Design: A look at the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor

This article talks about K8’s and shares some good info, including lots of security info.

Exploration of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) multi-vCEnter templating using YTT

William has quite an article on this subject but it is quite interesting.

Terraform - Escape strings with a $(dollar) sign

Dean has the full story on this problem in this article.

Introducing Windows 365

An interesting article that explains a lot about Windows 365.

Veeam resources you need to be aware

This article talks about resources.

No Cheat Days

Nick wrote this article and it is pretty interesting.

Technology Short Take 142

Scott did this Friday and it has lots of interesting articles in it.

Biden Executive Order Could Significantly Impact Big Tech

This interesting article does imply big tech could be impacted. It is still interesting though.

Principles of Data Protection-as-a-service - Efficiency

This article is about the new efficiencies for backup.

How to protect your organization from ransomware attacks

An interesting article on this subject and with very good data and suggestions.

Brian Madden’s Playbook for your journey to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud never turns out exactly like you expect - it is a lot more expensive and you have to talk to people about your hardware. So getting help from Brian is most excellent.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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