June 26: 2021

I hope this finds everyone well? Things not bad here. I got a review done of my favourite survival guide. I hope it is helpful to people. I have lots of stuff to share this week so I should get started.

My hands are still doing poor, and I try hard to catch all the mistakes they make.

Have a great week,


How to install and configure VMware Skyline

You can learn about this via this article. Skyline is a powerful tool and I think every customer should have it running. It will help with solving problems.

Achieve higher levels of resiliency with VMware Virtual Watchdog in a Clustered Set

This article is quite interesting. The Watchdog functionality is quite good. A VM OS reboots and hangs, and the Watchdog will restart the VM. Handy!

Performance with vSAN Stretched Clusters

This article will make sure you don’t miss things whe you do a stretched cluster.

VMFS-L Locker partition corruption on SD cards in ESXi 7.0

You can learn a little more about this issue in this article. You will learn about all the different symptoms.

Backup using vSAN File Share Snapshots

Here is a video to help you with this. It is quite interesting. In case the video is not for you, here is an article on doing this.

Sizing Guidance for AI/ML in VMware Environments

This article will help you learn more about AI and ML and potentially make it possible for you to get into AI and or ML.

Announcing VMware HCX 4.1

You can learn more about 4.1 in this article. Some cool new features.

Free VDI Design Guide eBook for everyone!

This is a good guide and worth having. Find out more in this article.

Recording - Kubernetes 101 - Getting started in the cloud native world

This article also has a video that is an introduction to Kubernete’s.

VMUG Recording - Understanding Data Protection for your VMware Tanzu Container Workloads

Dean has done a nice job on this and you can learn more from here.

How to request Let’s Encrypt Certificates on the NSX Advanced Load Balancer

This article will help you request certificates when you need them in the NSX space.

Centralize TKG Logging with vRealize Log Insight Cloud Logging for Modern Applications

You can learn all about this from this article.

vSphere with Tanzu - VM Service

This article has a video to show more about the VM service.

How to create a custom Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) node OVA base on Photon OS Real Time Kernal?

This is quite the article that William has done.

TKG v1.3 Active Directory Integration with Piniped and Dex

Cormac will help you, in this article, get AD credentials integration with TKG and I think that is very cood.

Configuring NSX Advanced Load Balancer with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) on VMware Cloud on AWS

William has you covered in this article so you can use the NSX ALB.

NSX ALB / AVI: Deleting httppolicyset via CLI

This article will help you when working with an NSX ALB balancer. Primarily it will help around policies.

VMware Cloud on AWS new release

On June 23 there was a new release and you can see the release notes.

Kubernetes Port Names and Terminating HTTPS Traffic on AWS

Scott has written an article to help with terminating traffic on AWS.

VMware vSphere Snapshots: Performance and Best Practices

In this article is a whitepaper on this subject you can download. It is full of good info. Here is an article on this subject.

Quick-Start Tutorial for VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

This was known as the User Environment Manager until 9.9 but it has a new name now. You can learn more about it in this article.

Run Home Assistant Supervised supported as Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi

You can learn all about how to do this via this article. This seems pretty cool and is a good home automation tool too.

Making WireGuard from Homebrew Work on an M1 Mac

Scott helps you make WireGuard from Homebrew work on an M1 Mac. I used to use WireGuard as a VPN on my Mac and it worked good.

Windows Server 2019 Evaluation - Activation fails

Dean shares a problem with us, and the solution too!

How do I protect my data contained within Amazon RDS instances?

This article will help you understand how to backup databases held in RDS.

v11 for Service Providers - Automation with New API and PowerShell module

Anthony will help you with understanding the automation with v11 in this article.

Deploying OVA shows “Invalid Certificate” on vCenter 7.0 U2, but shows trusted certificate in older versions (84240)

This article is one that all users of vCenter 7.0 U2 should be aware of. If you deploy any OVA it will be a problem this article can address.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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