Newsletter: June 19, 2021

Hello all, I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was good too. I have a lot to share this week so should get started. BTW, I am having hand problems so not sure how long I will be able to do this newsletter.

There are new VTSP and VOP accreditations and you can learn about them here.

BTW, the problems I had getting my lab working was it was a real greenfield. No DNS. When I added DNS running in a VM in Workstation and defined hosts and vC in it install was easy and smooth. But next day everything was disconnected and not working. Very odd.

BTW, I am sorry I am so late with my June 5th newsletter. Not sure what happened but likely pain distracted me.

I also want to thank my readers. I do not have much to do in medical retirement so this newsletter takes lots of work so it keeps me busy.

Have a great week,


VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) v0.6.1

William talks about this new version in this article. It sounds like an amazing release.

CPU Pinning is not an exclusive right to a CPU core

Frank explains this in this article. I don’t believe in using CPU pinning. Virtualization means sharing resources to me.

USB Network Native Driver for ESXi Fling supports ESXi 7.0 Update 2

William has the details on this in this article.

All About VMware’s vSphere Bitfusion

Melissa explains and shows you all about Bitfusion which is very interesting. It really makes AI/ML much more accessible to more companies.

How do I change the name of a vSwitch with vSphere 7.0 U2 and higher

This is now much harder than in the past but Duncan has words and a video to help you change a switch name in 7.0 U2.

Virtual Toolbox - List of Network Operating Systems

If you are curious about the number and names of network operating systems this article can help.

“Extra-large” OVA file size option for shared witness deployment introduced with vSAN 7 Update 2 release

Learn a little more about this in this article.

Announcing General Availability of VMware Cloud Web Security

This article talks of some new security and it sounds very useful and quite good. And in this world of ours I think more security is a good idea.

Learn What’s New in the Latest Release of VMware Cloud Universal

If you wish to learn what is VMware Cloud Universal and more about it this article is for you.

VMware Cloud on AWS - BGP Route Filtering with Postman

You can learn more on how to do this in this article. It looks like it is very handy for most customers.

Intro to Google Cloud VMware Engine - Bastion Host Access with IAP

If you wish to learn more on this, this article will help.

How VMware Anywhere Workspace helps secure the distributed edge

This article talks in detail at how the Anywhere Workspace is more secure but also more easily manage the endpoints. It sounds very useful!

Setting Up two-factor Authentication with Universal Broker

This article can help you understand how to add two factor authentication to Horizon.

HAProxy health checks for VMware Horizon & AppVolumes

An interesting article that helps you confirm your Horizon servers are working. I suspect this info could be used with other management apps too.

Auto deploy - host register error

This article describes a problem, talks about troubleshooting, and then shares the solution. When I was part of Customer[0] at VMware we had several hundred hosts and used stateless with them. I really like that functionality.

SD Boot issue Solution in 7.x

You can see more on this subject in this article a well as some interesting links. I remember when SD cards were the norm for installing ESXi on but ESXi has changed a lot since then.

PowerShell Bugfix - Contributing to the VMware.VMC.NSXT community module

This article is about PowerShell at VMC and it can help you with the VMC networking.

TKG v1.3 and the NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Cormac has an interesting article on this new load balancer.

Tanzu Kubernetes considerations with the new VM Class in vSphere with Tanzu

Cormac has another interesting article on Tanzu.

Affecting Persistent Volumes in VMware Tanzu

Another interesting Tanzu article. Some very good points to think about.

The Summer of 3 Transformations with VMware Tanzu

This article talks about an updated Tanzu if I understand it right.

Synology DS920+ (Installing NVMe Drives)

Al helps you with the hardware and software of adding NVMe drives to your Synology in this article.

Teams Meeting Tenant to Tenant Migration!

This article will help you migrate Teams meetings successfully. It is much more complicated to do this successfully than I expected.

Storage Short Take #30

You can see in this article a variety of storage tidbits.

Configuring a Pure Storage FlashBlade Veeam Repository for Rapid Restore

If you have Pure Storage storage and use Veeam, this article will help you with rapid file restore.

VMware Tanzu User Guide

Pure Storage have a nice user guide about Tanzu on Pure Storage which you can find right here.

Virtualizing GPU’s Eases the Path to Mainstream AI

An interesting article with some good points.

Veeam: Detailed HTML Daily Report for Veeam Backup for AWS is now available - community project

You can learn how to get an excellent daily report emailed to you that has all the necessary info in this article.

Use Kasten K10 to Protect Cloud Native Applications and their Data on HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

If you want to know how to do this than this article can help.

Using a SOBR and Capacity Tier with Veeam Backup & Replication

This article will help you learn more about SOBR and how to exploit it.

Containers are tents

An interesting article about containers and a little on VMs.

All the enterprise updates from Apple WWDC 2021, and what they mean for managing iOS 15, macOS Monterey and more

The details are all in this article. Is interesting and some of the new features are pretty handy.

Announcing the Apple Design Award Winners

You can see the names and descriptions in this article.

How to find out which Mac apps are tracking your location

This is good info to know as it is not necessary for apps to track your location - there may be exceptions.

The Real System Requirements for Apple 2021 Operating Systems

You can learn about the requirements and if your phone will support iOS 15 in this article.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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