Newsletter: June 5, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well. Things are better for me too (I have pain meds now and they are helping a lot). I have lots to share so lets get started.

Duncan started this but I wish to support it. There is no reason to have ESXi hosts or vCenter directly on the Internet. You will have issues if you do that. Here is security alert about activity that is looking for vCenters.

I see many companies talking or writing about BCDR. But it sounds like they don’t have any experience and it is all book learning. When you hire a BCDR guy, you need to make sure they have experience in the field with things working, and not working. I am a guy like that but I don’t know of any others.

Thanks to Stephen Jess for his help with my storage. Also thanks to Peter Kieren as he has helped major with my lab. I greatly appreciate the help. Getting vCenter to work was tough for us (still not working mind you).

Want to attend vFORUM? Check out this article.

Have a great, and safe week!


Monitoring VMware Cloud on AWS maintenance with Notification Gateway webhooks - Part II

Interesting and useful article on getting alerts to useful destinations.

Tanzu Mission Control - TKG Management support and provisioning new clusters

Dean has an interesting article about Tanzu Grid Management cluster in VMware Cloud on AWS and Azure VMware Solution.

Firewall Rules for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on VMware Cloud on AWS

This article has all the info you need to think about this and do it.

Relationship of Performance to Hardware, Configuration, and Topology

Pete has a very interesting and useful article on this subject. If you are doing stretched clusters you need to read the article.

Stage Only & Stage and Install buttons disabled when updating to vSphere Update 2a

William has an article that will help you understand this issue and work around it.

SDDC Road show with Frank, Duncan, and Cormac

You can find the roadshow on video.

Issue adding tags to the vCLS VMs with vCenter Server 7.0 U2b

Duncan talks about this new issue and he has brought it to the attention of R&D.

Quick Tip - Changing the size of vSphere Dump Collector for vCSA 6.7 & 7.0

William shows you how to do this when it is not in the UI in this article.

Encrypt without Compromise - Native Key Manager and vSAN Encryption

John has a most excellent article that is very educational about using the new Native Key Manager in 7.0 U2.

vROPs - Alerting Do’s and Don’t

This article has an interesting list of do’s and don’ts and it is good info.

Announcing What’s New in vRealize Operations Pack for Horizon 1.1

This article shows off what looks like a really cool MP for Horizon in vROps.

Anywhere Workspace Solutions

This product page has a lot of info. Even has video to help.

A closer look at Cluster API and TKG v1.3.1

Cormac educates you on both the API and TKG in this article. It is a very interesting article.

NSX-T: IPv6 Autoconfiguration explained

This article has a lot of good info on this subject. As it is IPv6 it is all new to me.

Is my SD card resilient enough for production ESXi usage?

John has an interesting blog article that answers this question.

Quick Tip - How to check password expiry for a specific vSphere SSO user?

William show you how to do this in this article and it is easier than I expected.

Netterrain VMware Mapping Demo

This is cool stuff and you can check out the video.

VMware Event Broker Appliance - Part V - Working with multiple Kubernetes Clusters (Knative)

This article will help you use VEBA with Kubernetes which could be quite useful for Kubernetes customers that also have VMware.

Is Your Perimeter Firewall Enough?

This article raises some good points and share’s some good info too. I quite agree we need much more in-depth security now.

MS Teams: Create Teams and add members based on Group membership

This is an article that is very useful. It will show you how to create Teams groups based on AD groups.

Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters

This was done in advance of the Hurricane season and I think it is very nice indeed for Amazon to do this. This article has more info.

Advanced AWS Networking: Pitfalls That You should avoid

An interesting article with lots of good info and options and things to know.

Everyone is a Rock Star

This article is pretty interesting and defines this and talks about it. I agree about grit.

Deploy Compute on Demand with Pure and Equinix Meta

This article sounds quite interesting and different too. Would be fun to place with this gear.

How to automate adding Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Auxiliary Account

This article has the scripts and the info on this subject. In a big shop this would be handy. Also good for Veeam partners to know this.

Veeam: How to deploy QNAP QuObjects to have an object Storage on-prem and use it as Capacity Tier

This is something I did not think possible but Jorge shows you how to do it. This is very cool.

Veeam: Veeam announces Support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV/KVM)

You can learn all about this in Jorges detailed article.

Kubernetes Showcased at VeeamON 2021

A look at the sessions related to K8’s and some extra info in this article by Michael.

Chia Plotting and Farming on My 2016 MacBook

Interesting article about Chia farming which uses storage rather than GPU. Here is more info on Storage and Chia.

VeeamON: Quick overview of my top favorite on-demand sessions, plus unofficial Nike Green Sneakers

An interesting article by Jorge plus some excellent suggestions sessions to check out.

4 Reasons to Shift Day 2 Operations Left with Kubernetes

Michael has an interesting article on this.

M1 Macs have a third Recovery Mode

Learn about the modes in this article.

5 IT Leaders Explain Why They’re All-In on Intrinsic Security

This article has some good points but I think this sounds like defence in depth.

Q&A: The Cloud, IT and the Next Wave of Transformation

Kit answers some interesting questions in this interview.

How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 Keynote

This article will show you all the different ways to watch. Nice so that you can pick what works best for you.

Master the macOS Finder with these Advanced settings tweaks

This article will provide limited info on the advanced settings of the Finder. But still good info as a reminder.

Apple One: What you need to know about Apple’s services bundle

This is a nice option but you need to understand it well and this article can help.

How to check your Intel and M1 Mac’s SSD health using Terminal

SSD’s do wear out so this is good info. This article can help you understand how your SSD is doing.

Apple rolling out new AirTag software update; here’s how to see if your has updated

This article will help you with version numbers and how to check too. This is an update to increase privacy.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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  1. That is the quickest tech article I have ever read.

    Is my SD card resilient enough for production ESXi usage?

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