Tropical Ice

This is the name of my favourite guide outfit in Africa. The owner, Iain is a climber and has climbed all over Africa and the name came from that. Yes, there is a mountain in Africa with a glacier and lots of ice(and yes, I have walked to the top of it).

We did a trip called The Great Walk of Africa. It was an extraordinary introduction to the wilds of Africa. We walked for two weeks through the wilds. We had cold wine with dinner and a hot shower before dinner and wonderful food. They made fresh bread, roasts and more and it was all so good. So it was very comfortable. Plus, the conversations at dinner were always interesting as between the guides, Iain, and the customers it was all people that loved Africa.

We have also done a more recent trip with them to look at tigers in India and it was a great trip too. I may share pictures and stories about it later.

Here are some pictures from our Great Walk.

Crossing a river - after checking carefully for croc’s and hippo’s

Every day we crossed the river to hike, and at the end of the day we crossed over to the camp in a new spot. It was so impressive they moved the camp every day and it was always ready for us.

Very nice tent and beds

It was really a comfortable place to live. in the back near the bush and outside of our tent there was a shared shower. The shower guys would make sure there was always hot water, and if you ran out they would hoist a new container up with lots of hot water.

These elephants we saw rolling in the dust then they went to play in the water

We saw a lot of elephants and they were very interesting. The comment “it takes a village to raise a kid” actually fits the elephants as if a kid falls the closest adult would pick him up.

Our guide - Iain and the boss too

If you are curious about what animals we saw - it was lions, elephants, Oryx and kudus. We also saw a lot of small creatures.

It was very safe. Couple of guys with rifles, and lots of bush experience, and several with spears with amazing eyesight and who grew up in the bush. Even when we were attacked by Hippo they handled it really well and kept us safe.

We walked in the morning, and then did game drives in the afternoon and it was a great combination of exploring.

I recommend quite strongly the Tropical Ice team.

Let me know if you have questions or comments


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