Blog Update

I am going to have a bit of a change in my blog. I have had a lot of pain with my ALS in the last while. Which means I drank a lot more to deal with it. So between what I drink normally, plus what I drank to deal with the pain has caused me to be less smart.

As a result I am going to write more about mountains, deserts, hiking gear, survival gear and some of the amazing travels my wife and have done and will do.

I apologize for the change but it is the best thing I can do. I understand some of you will leave over this and I understand.

BTW, I will still do my newsletter.


=== END ===

12 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. All I know to do is pray you and your wife. You have no idea how much your blog site has assisted me over the years with Nexenta, View, vSphere, etc……

    Thanks Michael


  2. I will continue to read your blog. I want you to know that I, and my customers, have greatly benefited from your blogs over the years. I will pray that ALS slows its devastation on your body. Peace be with you and your wife.

  3. Michael, I feel very much like Tom does. Your body of work is incredible. I’ll forever be grateful for the vast trove of knowledge you’ve selflessly imparted on so many of us over the years, and for having been able to meet you in person. Thank you, for everything.

  4. Gracias por todo tu trabajo. A mi me ha ayudado muchísimo. Toda la fuerza para ti y tu familia.
    Te seguiré siguiendo.

      1. I write better Spanish than English. This is what I wrote: “Thank you for all your work. It has helped me a lot. All the strength for you and your family.
        I’ll keep following you. “. Thanks again.

  5. I join the previous speakers and wish you Michael, a lot of patience, perseverance and above all many great hours with your wife.

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