Newsletter: May 15, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was a bit hard. I have started assembling my lab, but it will take a bit longer as I need help from my wife on it. I am hopeful to have it working this weekend! I am looking forward to doing technical articles again - like what I plan to do first is review the two main DR orchestration products.

I had a few days off in the hills of Elkwater with my wife this week so it may turn out to be a smaller newsletter than normal.

You can see Duncan talk about the future and other stuff like containers and HCI in this interview.

Lets get started - some good stuff to share!

Have a great week,


vSAN Sizer Walkthrough

You can learn more about this tool in this video.

HCI Mesh error: Failed to run the remote datastore mount pre-checks

Duncan explains this and shares the solution too. There has been a number of things that require IPv6 to be enabled - both from VMware and Microsoft.

vRA Code Stream - Preserving files and artifacts created in a CI

Dean talks about saving files in this article during the flow of a code stream in vRA.

Using vRA to deploy AWS EKS Clusters and register with Tanzu Mission Control

This article by Dean shows you how to do what the title mentions. This is amazing and another great example of what you can do with vRA.

vRealize This Live EP05 - Log Management on-prem and beyone with vRealize Log insight Cloud

This video was pretty interesting and short too. I like the single pane idea.

On-boarding checklist for VMware Cloud on AWS

This community article has links to an on-boarding checklist but also a detailed guide too.

Network & Security Insights for Google Cloud VMware Engine

It is good news - from this article - that vRNI works with Google cloud constructs (which most are VMware too).

Intro to Google Cloud VMware Engine - Common Networking Scenarios

This article will help you learn more about networking so if you have VMs in the VMware part of Google Cloud it might be handy.

How to automate vm snapshot creation using CSV and schedule automatic deletion of the snapshot using VRO 8

Snapshots are not backup but they are quite useful so this article has some good info on automatic creation and deletion.

3 DR Challenges for Mid-sized Companies and Why Many adopt DRaaS

This is an interesting article. Sounds like the VMware DRaaS might be good for people but I have not seen it or played with it so I am not sure. I was the first guy to fly around the US and Canada and help sell SRM - and we did POC with people and I made sure they learned lots. As a result some of them have let me know when disaster struck they were just fine.

Notes from the field: VMware UAG and Citrix ADC scenario’s

An interesting article if you are going to provide access to your UAG via the ADC. I have not worked on or seen a Citrix ADC so no idea what it is.

4 Reasons Why VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is Simply Better on FlashStack

Vaughn has an interesting article why FlashStack is better for VCF and it sounds pretty good in fact.

Should you be worried about AirTag hacks? Here’s what you should know

This article talks about the hacks and what they mean. This is not too worrisome.

Veeam: Wasabi announces Hot Cloud Storage with Object Lock, providing immutability for backups

Jorge shares some very good news about Wasabi and how useful it will be for Veeam shops.

Introducing Webinars in Microsoft Teams: Easy, professional webinars to engage Customers

This is good news as it will improve some webinars I have seen! And it seems to have a lot of stuff to help out webinars.

What’s new in Pure’s vROps Management Pack - vVol Metrics

A nice article about this new version and with nice screenshots too!

Cybersecurity threats in 2021 - Here’s what you need to know

Melissa has an interesting article about threats that is good to know and understand. I also believe there will be more of these sort of activities in the coming years.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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