Newsletter: May 8, 2021

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good week? Mine was mostly OK, and I received all my gear for my lab so that is most excellent. Will take a bit to build things but that should be fun.

I am so used to being on the road, somewhere in the world, and talking to people. VMware, and Veeam loved me doing that as I brought back useful and important data, plus any events I did were always very well received. Staying at home like I am means now I say hi to people off my balcony. I am lucky enough sometimes people talk back with me.

Once this COVID thing is over I plan on spending time with some cool guys in Calgary and that should be pretty darn good.

BTW, I am having troubles doing this article due to my ALS. Finger and arm issues so I hope it comes out good.

I have things to share so lets get started.


VMware vRealize Business for Cloud security advisory

See the details in this article.

Announcing VMware Cloud Migration Tools

This updated paper can be found here. Is pretty interesting stuff and quite useful.

Understanding Performance Bottlenecks

Pete is an amazing technical writer and this article is a great example of that. Very interesting but also useful.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud on VMware Horizon VDI Installation Guide

This technical white paper will help with Carbon Black and VDI. Plus it is interesting.

NVMe over Fabrics for Absolute Beginners

A very nicely written article for beginners to learn.

NSX-T Edge Transport Node Packet Capture

If you want to know how to enable this, and some things to think about this article will help.

Upgrade to vSphere 7 NSX-T Host Transport Nodes

This article will help you with the upgrade of NSX-T after you have upgraded your hosts.

Unable to delete a segment in NSX-T 3.x because of orphaned logical port

This article will talk about a problem, and the solution too.

Exploring the new vSphere with Tanzu VM Service with Nested ESXi

William has a very interesting article that can help you with what the title suggests! And it sounds pretty useful to me.

A first look at vSphere VM Service

Cormac has an interesting article that looks at this new functionality that seems a little strange but doesn’t surprise me as a number of us talked about it when Tanzu came out. Great info!

New: vCenter Plugin for vRealize Network Insight v2.0

This interesting article is about something I thought of how nice it would be but now I am glad it is live. I see serious value in it.

VMware Cloud Director Availability metering with vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.6

This article will help get metering working with vCD.

VMware Tanzu Basic: Customizing II

An interesting article about customizing Tanzu in vSphere 7 U2.

Rocky Linux RC1 on ESXi-x86 & ESXi-Arm

William has an interesting article about making Rocky Linux work on two very different platforms.

VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOps: Technical Overview Part 1 - Compliance Management

This article will dive into this subject and share lots of knowledge.

Virtual Machine Compute Optimizer

This recently updated fling is to help you confirm if a VM is optimally configured for CPU and memory. This is something vROps can do too.

Supercharge your Support Experience with Skyline Health Diagnostics

Learn more about this great tool in this article.

How to deploy VMware [email protected] Fling

Find out how to do the deploy of this cool tool in this article. I used to have 11 of these in my lab as it used up resources nicely and it made vROps more fun to look at.

The VMware Labs Flings Monthly for April 2021

Wouter has a nice article on what is new or updated for April.

Getting the GitHub Verified commit badge when using Visual Code on Mac OS X

Dean has an interesting article that will help you solve this issue! And the verified badge is important.

Synology 10 GbE Upgrade for the Home Lab

Learn more about what the author did and how do add 10 GB to a Synology in this article.

VMware: Upgrade telegraf to v1.18.2 to get Cluster metrics, thanks to the new MetricLookback

Jorge has you covered in this article if you use his amazing dashboard.

Veeam v11: Hardened Repository (Immutability) configuration - part 2

In this article, which is 2 of 3, it can help you get a hardened repo for your backup’s. Don’t forget that it will protect you from ransomware but also bad employees and even simple mistakes.

Apple releases updated firmware version for AirPods and AirPods Pro

This article will tell you about the update. I let my AirPods Pro spend the night sitting beside my phone and the update happened.

Take control of Time Machine backups with the TimeMachineEditor utility

If you want to tweak your backup of your Mac with Time Machine this article will help.

Apple Maps: How to report accidents, speed checks, and hazards

Learn how to do this in this article, but be aware it only works in the US and China right now.

How to stop apps from tracking you in iOS 14.5

This article will help you to stop apps from tracking you which is pretty nice!

How to disable an unwanted Apple AirTag

You can learn how to do this in this article.

Hands-on: AirTag setup, precision finding, Lost Mode, battery replacement, more

This article has lots of info on AirTags so if you wish to learn more about them it will help.

How to pick a custom emoji and name for your AirTag

Find out how in this article.

tvOS 14 FAQ: Everything you need to know

This article will help you know your Apple TV better - especially after the latest update.

Apple Releases iOS 14.5.1, iPadOS 14.5.1, macOS 11.3.1 and watchOS 7.4.1

This article will talk a little about the updates. These are important security update so I hope you have already updated!

How to add Rocky Linux (& other not supported Linux Flavors) to ControlUP

This article will help you do what the title suggests. ControlUP is a very nice tool - I used to have it in my lab and hope to again.

The Army’s New Night-Vision Googles Look like tech stolen from Aliens

The current night-vision googles means you see green eyes which is an excellent target. So this new stuff looks good but I hope there is nothing obvious seen by the enemy.

Staying connected during and after the pandemic

Danny is the CTO at Veeam, and a very smart, and a very nice guy. I like him a lot and he wrote this interesting article about staying connected.

Backblaze Drive Stats for Q1 2021

The Backblaze hard drive stats is always worth checking out. I have used it to decide which hard drives to buy for a home server running Nexenta.

How to Deal with an Active Shooter Module 1

I have seen some things on dealing with an active shooter but they were crap. Here is one that is well done. You have to listen to Tim for a few minutes before it starts the Active Shooter training.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


=== END ===

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