Newsletter: April 17, 2021

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Things good here. Still unpacking and settling in. My lab hosts should be here today if I am lucky (I wasn’t so it didn’t arrive). One of my storage arrays is here but the other is not yet. But I can still get things working hopefully. My first few articles will be BCDR related as I think that is important now - much more so than in the past.

It has been a good week for finding lots of interesting articles so lets get started.

Have a great week!


VMware and Dell Technologies Reach Agreement Regarding Spin-Off

I have been waiting for this to happen for quite some time so it was nice to see this press release.

New VMware Cloud Ready Framework Resources

Emad and William have the full info for you in this article.

Introducing VMware Cloud: Multi-Cloud Services for Any App in Any Cloud

This article is introducing more cloud stuff and it is a little interesting.

Introduction to VMware vSphere Native Key Provider

Bob has a nice video that explains this interesting new feature.

eBook PowerCLI: An Aspiring Automator’s Guide

This new update of the guide - 2nd edition is available from here. I have heard good things about this guide.

vSAN: API calls from vC to hosts are failing

This article presents an issue but also how to fix it. I think this is not a normal issue, but is good to know.

vSAN 7 Update 2 - Capacity Monitoring Advancements

John has an article that will teach you about the U2 improvements in capacity monitoring. And it sounds good.

vSAN 7 u2 adds extra network metrics

Which you can learn about from Duncan in this video.

vSAN & Tag placement storage policy rules

Cormac wrote about this last week, but now he has a video to show how it works.

RAID -5/6 Erasure Coding Enhancements in vSAN 7 U2

Pete has an amazing article that is full of education in the area of RAID and erasure coding. He always produces amazing articles!

Using HCI Mesh with a standalone vSphere Host

Duncan has the full info on this situation and even a workaround.

Tanzu Mission Control - Delete a provisioned cluster

Dean has you covered if you wish to delete a cluster with this article. Dean is a very smart dude.

Tanzu Mission Control - Upgrading Kubernetes for a provisioned cluster

Another interesting article from Dean, this one about doing an upgrade.

Using Docker to update and commit to a container image

Dean will help you learn how to do exactly what the title is!

vRealize Operations Manager 8.3 enable Continuous Availability - series

Here is part 1 in this series and it is interesting, I did not know that CA was available to vROps.

Integrating Workspace ONE reporting with PowerBI

This article can assist you in connecting ONE with PowerBI so there are reports in PowerBI.

VMware OS Optimization Tool Updated

This tool was updated to fix some sort of bug. It is quite useful for preparing templates for Horizon View.

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Cheat Sheet for Horizon 8 Administrators

This article will help you if you are an admin for Horizon in Azure.

VCP to vSphere CSI Migration in Kubernetes

Cormac has an interesting article about replacing the VCP with something new.

Quick Tip: kubectl vSphere login without entering a Password

Read all about it in this article.

Using an In-house Provider with Terraform v0.14

It is somewhat difficult to use an in-house provider with Terraform so it is good David has help for you in this article.

Using ReadWriteMany Volumes on TKG Cluster

This article can help you get ReadWriteMany volumes working and understand things better too. Nice article.

Veeam Hardened Repository passes independent compliance assessment

This article talks about how the hardened repo is compliant with a variety of standards. But even without that compliance it will protect you from malware if you implement it right.

Using Veeam Enterprise Manager Self Service with VMware Permissions

Melissa has the full scoop on how to make this work. And it works pretty good as I have played with it and demo’ed it to customers before.

Looking for the Perfect Dashboard: InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana - Part 1

Jorge does a very nice job with this dashboard, and you can learn more about it this article. I don’t use it as I am a fan of Log Insight since I was part of their onboarding and working with them.

Emulation, Virtualization, and Rosette 2: A Blend of Old, New, and Yet to Come

This article covers off this subject very well and with lots of details and examples. And an owner, and user, of an M1 MacBook Air, this is an interesting subject.

RVTool 4.1.3

On April 11 there was an update of RVTools which is a very handy tool and I build into my templates in my home lab.

Synology Disk Fail: How to replace RAID online

This article has good info on replace a dead RAID disk in Synology gear. Is nice to have a guide that shows you the best way and the least impact.

Using the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator API

This article will help you get started - if you are a dev person - in working with the API in Cloud Partner.

COVID-19 Vaccines could unlock treatments for 5 other deadly diseases

This article talks about how vaccines are made, and how different the COVID-19 ones are and how they might help in the future.

11 Apple Watch Apps You Need to Install ASAP

This article has some really good Apple Watch apps that you might have fun with.

Why iPhone, iPad and Mac users should avoid Google Chrome’s FLoC Update

This article paints a very negative picture of Chrome.

How to update your medical ID in health

This article is important as I know paramedics who look for that info to help them help you. It is good for things like knowing what drugs you are on before they give you drugs, and it tell them what your blood type is so they can give you blood if you need it much faster.

How to add and remove devices from Apple’s Find My

This article will help you get more out of the Find My utility. It is very handy. I used it once to report where my wife’s iPad disappeared too. The police brought it back to us!

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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