Newsletter: March 27, 2021

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone well - healthy and safe. I am in a new home that is better for me and staying home too. WordPress has changed the UI again, and I am not familiar with it. It is going to generate a lot more work on my side but hopefully you get what you always do - look like I can get the newsletter out but it may not look like it normally does.

I had a guest author lately and a great article too.

But lets get started, I have lots to share, and still have stuff to unpack!

BTW, I have heard from a very reliable source that vSphere 7.0 U2 breaks Veeam V11 CDP. Not sure if it is U2 or if it is the upgrade.

Have a great week,


Performance Optimizations in VMware vSphere 7.0U2 CPU Scheduler for AMD EPYC Processors

This technical whitepaper is pretty interesting and if you have AMD EPYC processors you need to check it out.

vSAN 7.0 U2 now integrates with vSphere DRS

Duncan has a very interesting article and a nice video too on this subject. Read the article then watch the video.

vSAN 7.0 U2 Durability Components?

Duncan has another very interesting article about changes in U2 for vSAN.

What’s New in vSphere 7.0 U2 Storage: Multiple SPBM Configurations

Cody covers this off nicely in this article. Great info!

What’s New in vSphere 7.0 U2 Storage: Increased iSCSI Path Limit

Cody has another article about new storage stuff in U2. Path limit changes this time.

Performance Monitoring Enhancements in vSAN 7 Update 2

Pete has an excellent article that is great education. Very useful info too.

Simplified Nested ESXi installation in ESXi 7.0 U2 using HTTP Boot over VirtualEFI

William explains this nicely and it is a very nice update. It really does does make things much more simple.

Demo: VMware Tools Guest Content Distribution

This article / demo will help you understand some new functionality in U2. It is called Guest Content Distribution.

Upgrading VMware Cloud Director Availability

This article (and the links) will help you with your upgrade.

The AI-Ready Enterprise Platform: Unleashing AI for Every Enterprise

This article talks about why and what AI is and how useful it is. Which is in fact correct.

Want to Cut Risks to your Business? Go Zombie Hunting

This article is so you can download a whitepaper on this Zombie Hunting thing.

Adding a customized notification banner in the vSphere UI

William will help you do this (via this article) if you are unfamiliar with it but it is quite useful!

Notes from the lab: VMware vCenter 7 U2 ADFS changes

Not sure how many of us are using ADFS but if you are with U2 there are changes. See this article for more info.

Find VM NUMA locality with PowerShell

This article will help you do exactly that!

VMware Horizon Version 8 (2103)

If you wish to learn more about v8 you can check out this What’s New video.

Our Favourite End-User Computing, UEM,and VDI Resources

This article has a number of useful links about VDI related stuff.

Pushing a New Image using the VMware Horizon Python module

Wouter has the info on this and you can find it all in this article.

New VMware Skyline Advisor Release with Expanded Proactive Issue Avoidance

I am very fond of Skyline and wish I could have it in my lab like we could with the old Support Assistant. But check out this article to learn more about this new release.

It’s Official: VMware Skyline YouTube Channel

Find out more about this in this article. It should be a good place - YouTube - to learn more about Skyline.

Cloud Proxy gotcha with VMware Cloud on AWS Endpoint

Interesting article with a problem and fix including nice explanation.

Building up nested V2T demo environment - Part 1: Overview

This article has good info and detail and has a cool purpose - demo NSX-T Migration Coordinator capabilities to customers. But getting the nested environment work is pretty good info too.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.3

You can find the recently updated release notes. This sounds like a big release.

Quick Tip - Disable vSphere with Tanzu prompt during TKG Management Cluster deployment

William will help you do this with the info in his article.

vSphere with Tanzu Quick Bytes Video Series

Mike has via this article some great videos to help make you successful with Tanzu. It should help a lot with the install.

Confidential Containers for vSphere Pods on AMD

Mike provides the full detail on this cool stuff in this article.

Create Complex Search Queries using the NSX-T Search API

It sounds like using the API really adds to the search flexibility and power. Check out the article if you want to use the API too.

First steps with the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB)

Cormac helps you get the ALB working in this article.

vSAN DPp MinIO Object Store Supervisor Service [Video]

Cormac has an article and a video that should be interesting for anyone wanting to learn more about Tanzu.

vRealize Orchestrator - Lets Talk Polyglot

This interesting article will help you with coding and vRO.

V11: The Veeam and NetApp Innovation Continues

Melissa talks about Veeam and NetApp in this article and it is good info for NetApp shops.

V11: Sudo apt-get update Linux enhancements

This article talks about the v11 linux enhancement which is pretty good and I think the Service Providers will be happy.

Undercover no more: Meet the new Veeam Agent for Mac and the rest of the band

Andrew has an article where he talks about the new stuff around agents in v11. Excited to use the Mac agent to see how it works.

Caller ID Authentication May Tame the Scourge of Spam Calls

This article is quite interesting and it doesn’t seem to cover Canada. I have no small checkmarks. But we do have some serious laws in Canada that make it hard for spam calls.

Security Field Day 5

Al shares he is going to be in Security Field Day soon and you can read about it in this article.

Microsoft Active Directory Documentation Script v3.04

I have used this script in the past and really like it. This article talks about the new version.

How to Whitelist a Google Chrome Extension

Al shows us how to do that in this article.

Be Careful when Deleting Conversations in Message

This article is an important read.

A Pair of Books for Learning the Mac Command Line

If you want to learn the command line in your Mac check out this article.

How to enable / disable Mac Apps opening at Login and more startup customizations

This article will help you with some cool stuff on your Mac at startup.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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