Newsletter: January 16, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone is good and had a nice and safe week?  Things are good here, and my lab is coming back to life nicely, and my giant Lego treehouse is slowly coming to life too. When I got it I did not notice in the fine print the 3033 pieces, nor did I notice how many small pieces so it has been fun and exciting but it is coming to life. I will be sure to share some pictures of it when done - may not be soon however.

Monday this week Pete and I did a podcast - about the newsletter and other stuff we think you might be interested in. It was our first episode.  We have lots of ideas over time for it and we hope you have ideas on what we should do too.

I am hopeful I will be back in vExpert as I do hope to play with vRealize Automation and write about it. Not sure exactly when we hear but I look forward to it!

As always I feel very privileged to have so many people wish me well. I appreciate that very much.  I am doing mostly OK.

I have lots to share today, and quite a range too!

Have a great week,


Celebrating VMware Tanzu’s Momentous Year, and a look at what is ahead
This short article talks about Tanzu, and with links to more learning and information.

Announcing VMware Cloud Migration Tools Whitepaper
This paper is written by two very smart people so I suspect it should be quite helpful for helping you migrate to the cloud. Some really good thinking and ideas in the paper too. Not as much info on how as I expected but still lots of good info.

Flapping Alerts in vRealize Operations 8.x
This article talks about a potential bug in vROps 8.x.

What if the disk controller driver included in my vendors ESXi image is not on the vSAN HCL
Duncan covers this off in this article and I strongly agree with him that option 2 is the way to go.

Is a crossover cable needed for vSAN 2-node Direct Connect?
Again Duncan covers this off in this article and with extra info too and the comments are interesting too.

Which VM was this vSphere VM cloned from?
William shows you in this article how to tell what VM a VM was cloned from.  Very interesting stuff actually!

ESXi on 11th Gen Intel NUC (Panther Canyon) & (Tiger Canyon)
William has lots of info on these new NUC in this article and it should be very helpful if you wish to deploy ESXi or buy one of the units.

Manually removing I/O filters from vSphere
Matt covers off how to do this in this article. Good info to have actually but not info you will use often.  BTW Matt, when I was working the alpha and beta of CDP when I was at Veeam, I used virtual hosts. So nothing to fix just delete and deploy again.

The Total Economic Impact of VMware vRealize Automation
This white-paper is good for mangers and directors and it is good info.  vRA can make big changes in a company - I have actually seen that a number of times.

Real-World Customers with VMware Network Automation
This PDF is not a how to guide - but it talks but how customers were successful but not in any detail.  It is likely good for a sales person to read and be able to talk with customers better.

7 reasons VMware Cloud Foundation is the Premier Hybrid Cloud Solution: An Executive Guide
This PDF is in fact a very good executive guide. I spent a decade or so in Professional Services and I can say my customers never read docs like that.  Sometimes they would hire me to play with something and tell them what I thought.  But I guess times are different now and that doc is actually a decent executive guide.

New Course and Exam Announcements in December 2020
I share this article as I think these security courses are pretty interesting and useful!

How to Properly Change the VMware Cloud Director Database IP
This article talks about a few IP changes and it is good that it does as the IP is often rewritten at reboot (on appliances).

Getting started with Kubernetes
Eric has produced this article about getting started with K8’s and it is pretty useful! Thanks Eric, I suspect this will help out a lot of people.

vSphere 7 with Tanzu - Getting Started Guide
Eric has produced this article about getting started with Tanzu and again very useful.

vSphere with Tanzu - Highly Available Kubernetes
This is a detailed article on this subject and there is a lot of info.

Tanzu for the vSphere Admin
This article explains things quite nicely! First kubernetes and containers then Tanzu.

Embrace DevSecOps for Modern Apps with VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition
Learn more about this new advanced edition of Tanzu in this article.

Why You Need a Single Hybrid Cloud Platform for Containers and VMs
This very short white-paper is for managers and directors in IT.

Harbor Registry CLI - How its made
This article will help you get started with the CLI in the Harbor Registry.

Announcing the Quick-Start tutorial for VMware Horizon 8
This article will help you get started with the very new Horizon 8 with desktops and published apps.

Parallel Upgrading of Horizon Connection Servers (Horizon 8 2006+)
This article describes how to do parallel upgrades of CS in the latest release of Horizon.  This is pretty helpful and interesting.

VMware Horizon on VMware vSAN Best Practices
This PDF is quite interesting and useful if you have vSAN and View. It is for Horizon View 7 but I think the info might apply to other versions too.

Pure Storage Plugin for the vSphere Client 4.5.0 Release
This article will update you on this new client.  I have heard from clients it is pretty darn nice!  Which doesn’t surprise me!

Veeam Surebackup Jobs are important
Surebackup jobs is a way to make sure your backup is successful.  Find out from Michael how to do step 1, step 2 and step 3. I am a very strong believer in Surebackup jobs and I always create them myself. If video is not for you, I wrote an article on doing this.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 retention explained
Here is an article about retention in when backing up Office 365. Definitely something you should know if you are using this product.

v11 Quick Look - Agent for Mac
Anthony introduces you to the new - but not yet released - Veeam agent for the Mac in this article.  I knew they were working on it, but it is good it will be out with the rest of v11. More and more companies in my experience are moving to Macs and this will help them to have one backup strategy.

Evernote unveils new ‘Home’ dashboard with multiple information in one place
This article talks about an upcoming change to Evernote that sounds pretty good. Evernote is the slowest app on my M1 MacBook Air and I hope soon they will have a universal app that will improve performance.

Apple encryption is a balance between user convenience and total security, a new study shows
This is not surprising as total security would make devices unusable. But find out more in this article.

Here’s how to use your Apple Watch as a Viewfinder and remote for your iPhone’s camera
This is very cool functionality and I think it is not frequently used so this article can sort of help.

‘Denin’ is a new iPhone app that lets you create stunning cover artwork for your playlist
If you do playlists you can now do amazing cover artwork for your playlist with this new app.  More info in this article.

How to scan documents in Notes and third-party apps on iPhone and iPad
This article will help you scan docs and export as PDF in Notes on your iPad / iPhone.  Pretty handy and not something everyone knows.

macOS Big Sur’s battery optimization: You can’t do much to tweak laptop settings
This article talks about the battery under Big Sur on both Intel and M1 laptops.  Good info.

Apple to launch a new education and innovation hub in pledge to fight racial inequality
Last Wednesday there was a big Apple announcement that I missed.  It is nicely covered in this article. It is not a product but rather Apple trying to do something nice in a big way.

10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping
Some nice suggestions in this article that should be shared with more people

Ring rolls out end-to-end encryption for select doorbells and security cameras
This article is good news - I think there should be more encryption with Ring.

When it comes to Security Tools, More isn’t More
Interesting article by a real security guy.  Some good points too.  I think less tools, and more knowledge is the way to go.

Medical study suggests iPhone 12 with magsafe can deactivate pacemakers
I do not know anyone with a pacemaker but it is best if you do to let them know about this study the article talks about. A pacemarker that stops working could be very exciting and very scary.

SUNSPOT: An implant in the Build Process
This article will help you understand what happened in the SolarWinds security issue recently. It is very amazing to me that malware was added in the build process and was there in the GA build.

Cybersecurity Ramifications of the 2021 Storming of the United States Capital
This article talks about the ramifications and is good info. I know when the wall went down between East and West Germany and people stormed a specific building there were West German Intelligence people in the crowd of people storming.  This was I am sure for good reason, but I think in the US Capitol storming there could have been bad guys going after things.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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