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I hope everyone had a good New Years and are staying safe too. As I mentioned recently, I will be doing newsletters, and lego stuff for the next while.

I would like to say thank you very much to everyone who shared the very nice comments with me.  It meant a lot to me and definitely made me smile.  It actually helped me feel good too. Thank You!

Last week my sister and I watched the new Wonder Woman movie and really liked it.  Not sure where all the negative comments are coming from.

I have a number of things to share so lets get started!

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Horizon 8.0 Part 10: Deploying the Unified Access Gateway
I have shared parts of Sean’s series on building out Horizon 8 but this UAG article caught my eye as it is where I have the most troubles so I am sharing it out. Sean is the smartest EUC guy I know so his stuff is always good!

Two registry changes to improve physical Horizon View Agent experience
I have not used these registry changes mentioned in the article before nor have I need them.  But if you have some of the issues mentioned they might be quite helpful for you!

Fixing an invalid vCenter STS certificate while using ‘cmsso-util’
This article has an interesting problem and the solution too with a lot of good detail that will help you learn more in this area.

What is VMware vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode and how it works?
This article will help you understand the what, and the how.

Unable to update VMware Tools on ESXi 7.0 U1 (17325551)
This article highlights a problem I have not seen, and a workaround for it too.

The top 10 reasons to upgrade to vSphere 7
This link is for a marketing doc, but I looked at it and it had some very good points and would be useful when talking with clients about doing vSphere upgrades.

vRealize Network Insight with vRealize Operations
This was a long time coming and it is super useful I think.  Find out more on this integration in this article.

Simplifying Management with VMware vRealize Operations Extensibility
This article has a very important point.  It is very cool, and very handy, that vROps can have a management pack added to it and provide additional reporting or alerting.

NSX-T Syslog Configuration
Surprised it is not easier to do syslog config in NSX-T but this article will show you want is necessary.

Adapt Business Agility with Modern Load Balancing
This article is suggesting traditional load balancers are not worth using any longer, and the NSX load balancer is excellent to replace them. Not sure if I agree but there are some good points to think about in the article and a link to a VMworld session to learn more.

VMware vSAN on consumer-grade SSDs- Endurance analysis
This article talks about using consumer grade SSD’s with vSAN which is good for home labs and what I did at home for the birth of vSAN.

vSAN Scrubber changes 7.0 U1c
This article will provide education on vSAN and the scrubber so it is interesting.

CloudHealth by VMware – Reporting & Policies
This article explains and shows you CloudHealth which I found interesting.

Kubernetes Homelab – Getting Started
Tim has a series of getting K8’s working and it starts in this article.

Windows 10: Configure Auto-Logon with PowerShell Automation
I have, years ago, did auto-logon and it was a pain.  The script in this article sure makes it easy.

2020 in review: AppleInsider’s favourite articles of the year
This article has quite a range of articles including an interesting one about a famous old guy yelling at Apple.

The best board game companion apps for iPhone and iPad
This article talks about apps that can be used in conjunction with a board game. Did not know that this was possible, but it might be helpful sometimes.

How to get an accounting of your Apple Cash transactions
I thought this article was quite useful if you use an Apple Card.

How to master the Camera app on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
I have listened to people talking about the Camera app in the new phones and having some troubles with it. But I have also seen amazing pictures too.  So hopefully this article might be helpful for people.

These are some of the best camera and photo editing apps for your new iPhone
A very good list of apps to help with photo’s is in this article. There are options for non-professionals and options for professionals.

How to customize your new iPhone’s home screen with Smart Stacks and Siri Suggestions
If you need help with your home screen, and want to make it a little more fancy, this article should be able to help.

The 2020 cord-cutter awards: Best streaming services, devices, and more
My wife and I were cord-cutters a number of years ago – before there was a term, and we are very happy with Apple, NetFlix, and Amazon. But this article covers off a lot of options in this space.

macOS Big Sur: Guides, how-tos, tips, and everything you need to know about Apple’s new Mac OS
I shared this article with someone who found it helpful so I am sharing here in case it helps with anyone’s quest for knowledge on Big Sur.

The best smart home products available in 2020
This article has quite the list of smart home products and so if you want to have some smart devices in your home this list might help.

How to make use of typographic refinement in Pages and other Mac software
This interesting article will show you how!

How to revive and restore M1 Macs, what the difference is, and when to use them
This article was quite interesting. There are some different processes for restoring your Mac when it is a M1.

So you are thinking of taking an offer … what do you need to know?
John has a very detailed article about what you should be thinking of and asking questions of.

How to install and configure Veeam Enterprise Manager 9.5 Update 4
In VBR 9.5 U4 there were big updates to the Enterprise Manager, and it is an even better tool to help you so check out Melissa’s article on how to make it work.

Tech Field Day 22 Veeam – Veeam ONE
Al does an amazing job of breaking down the demo and chat at TFD and it is all in this article.  Very nice Al!

Homomorphic Encryption – Conquering The Performance Challenge
I have heard of homomorphic encryption before but did not fully understand it.  This article explains it a bit and talks more about it.  It sounds pretty good!

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