Newsletter: December 19, 2020


I hope that this finds everyone safe, and ready for Christmas too.  We have new Covid restrictions now in our province and I know that is true elsewhere.  So quiet Christmas for us all I guess.  But it is important we get past Covid and this sort of restriction will help that. The death toll is continuing to amaze me.

If anyone knows of a fun game, that works your brain let me know.  I need one for my Dad.

As I have mentioned previously, once I am back in vExpert and have access to licenses and bits, I have plans to do more technical articles,  in fact I want to play with vRA again.

I have some interesting stuff and lots of it, to share today.  Lets get started.

Have a Great Christmas, and Happy New Year! And stay safe.


vSphere 7.0 Update 1c now GA
This new release has the Cross vCenter Workload Migration utility built in - read about that below. Here is the vCenter release notes, and the bits, here is the ESXi release notes and the bits.

History of Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility and its productization in vSphere 7.0 Update 1c (po2)
William has in this article the history of this great utility but also how to do it in as part of vSphere 7.0 U1c.  It is most excellent that it is in the product now and thanks to William for pushing for that. Here is an article that is deeply educational (through links) on this feature.

VMs which are not stretched in a stretched Cluster, which policy to use?
Duncan has a very interesting article on this subject - quite helpful!

How to mount a content library ISO on a VM
I have seen people stumble trying to do this so it is good to have an article on how to do it right.  Thanks Luc.

VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) v0.5.0
New version of this very cool tool is now out and William has the details on it in this article.

Introduction to Script Runtime Service (SRS) for vSphere
This article highlights an interesting solution for powerCLI execution controlled by apps.

Backup vCenter Server to Windows Share
This article will help you backup your vCenter to a windows share and it is important to backup your vCenter!

Supermicro VMware HomeLab 2020 Options
William has an article with some great info for homelab people. I so wish I could buy Supermicro gear in Canada but it seems I cannot so I get hit pretty hard for exchange and the border.

Hands on with VMware Horizon 8 (2006)
This article will introduce you to Horizon 8 and how it went for that author. I am not willing to upgrade my lab past 7.13 at this time. Of course I need to be in vExpert to get bits!

Announcing the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Kubernetes 1.5.1
This is very good news for those customers using K8’s and want to manage it like they do the other apps and VMs.

My Top 15 vRealize Operations Super Metrics
This article will help you understand and build super metrics which are very useful.

VMware Remote Console
It is now a universal app which is pretty cool, and done faster than Fusion too. You can find it via this link. It has other new features like VNC support and support for 4k and Retina monitors.

ESXi on ARM, Ubuntu, WireGuard, and some Veeam
Interesting article on getting ESXi on ARM working and some Doom too.

ESXi on ARM Licensing Options
William has the full details on licensing in this article.

Free e-book: NSX-T Reference Design Guide3-0
You can find a link and more about this in this article.

The family password paradigm
Interesting article about passwords and family’s.  They have an interesting research report too. I am a big believer in 1Password and I think none of the competitors of it make any sense at all.

Incident Response playbook for responding to SolarWinds Orion compromise
You can find this playbook and more info in this article. This impacts a lot of customers so it is good to know.

Info on Solarwindows compromise
You can find more info from Microsoft and more info from CISA.

5 Enterprise Tech Predictions Following an Unpredictable Year
In this article there are five pretty good predictions for the future - I agree with all of them.  In my case, I have been thinking out side of tech and all that might go wrong in the future - like more terrorist incidents, more big fires, and more odd weather.

Deploying Tanzu SQL to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Clusters
This article has some pretty good info and examples if you want to get Tanzu SQL going in your Tanzu Cluster.

Deploy vSphere TKG Clusters through Mission Control
I thought this was an interesting article and I thought it might be helpful for people so here it is.

Install Kubernetes Metrics Cluster With Self-Sign Certificates
This is an interesting article that could be quite helpful.

vExpert Cloud Management November 2020 Blog Digest
In this article you can find a lot of links to good articles.

Exfiltrating Data from Air-Gapped Computers via Wi-fi signals (without Wi-Fi hardware)
This is pretty amazing article about something that is pretty wild.  Getting data out of air-gapped computers that have no wi-fi but using wi-fi.  Pretty amazing!  But info to help you improve your defense in depth!

Increase Network Protect with latest capabilities in vRealize Network Insight
If you are a vRNI user on-prem this article will be frustrating as it is about the cloud version.  And I don’t think all the cloud features have worked their way to the on-prem version.

How to change the icon of a storage device in macOS
If you wish to change the storage icon this article will help you do that.

How to change your name on your Mac’s user name
This is sort of logical but in case you need help you can find it in this article.

SpotCam Eva 2 review: a much improved security camera
I have heard several people say nice things about this camera, and then I saw this review.

iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 now available with ProRAW, Apple Fitness+, AirPods Max support
This article covers off this new release with some good details,  FWIW I have updated two iPads, and one iPhone with no issues. More info in this article.

Ecosia now a default search engine option on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
This article will talk more about Ecosia and how you can make it default.  I can tell you on my M1 MBA it is wicked fast. It is also a very privacy related search engine.

What Apple ProRAW is, and what it means for professional photographers
This article gives a nice explanation of what it is, and what devices can produce it.

Apple One: What you need to know about Apple’s services bundle
This article will help you with Apple One.  One thing I can add that is important, is when I enabled a family Apple One bundle, they stopped the separate charges for storage and music as they are included in that bundle.  So very nice.

4 ways Microsoft 365 is improving the experience for Mac users
I really like how Office is going to be a universal app now.  Will be very fast! This article talks about all what Microsoft has done for Mac users.

Monitor Azure Logs with vRealize Log Insight Cloud
This article talks about being able to do this and shows you how.

Setting up the Audit API Notification Settings in Veeam Backup for Office 365 v5
This article will help you setup notification for specific operations.  Like when restores happen for your executive team.  Good improvement security in fact.

Moving Veeam NAS Backup to another disk
Michael has written a useful article on moving a NAS backup to a new repo or server.

How to give your iOS 14 home screen a custom aesthetic with unique app icons
I do not need to change my icons, but if you do this article can help, and they have links to icon packs too. Here is an article with links to icon packs.

macOS Big Sur supports Time Machine on APFS-dormatted drives, but there are a few catches
You can learn what the catches are in this article plus some back ground info.

Apple Updates macOS Big Sur to version 11.1
See more about this new release in this article.  I have updated my main work MacBook Air to 11.1 with no issues - either during upgrade or after the upgrade. More info in this article.

CFPB Report: How to spot a Social Security Scan
This article has some good info in it, and I think it applies to Canada, US, UK and likely Australia and New Zealand too.

SilentKnight, silnite, LockRattler, SystHist & Scrub
This article will help you test the security of your mac or clean up senstive files.  Intresting stuff.

Congratulations, you are a manager! Now what?
Thanks to Adam for sharing this out.  It is an interesting article with good info for new managers.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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