Newsletter: December 12, 2020

Hello all,

I am sorry you have not seen much technical from my blog lately.  I am waiting to get back into vExpert so I can get licenses and bits.  I hope to start on a vRealize Automation series as soon as I can.

In other news, a friend (@canmoreman) and I are going to start a podcast. It will be voice only in the beginning but will move to video later. We will cover a lot of different stuff we think people will appreciate - such as BCDR and the M1 Macs (how they are for real). It will always be technical though I suspect. We will also be happy to look into stuff that people ask about and than share with everyone.

BTW, I updated my install Runecast article for the latest version - and Runecast is offering a discount to purchase and you can see the info in that article.

Lots to share, so lets get started!

Michael A New Site for Technical Information
This article is all about how several groups at VMware came together and have done a new website for their articles. And it shows some articles off too.

VMware Cloud on AWS 1.13 adds support for VMRC vCenter Proxy
William talks about this new functionality in this article but I think it is very good news! Will definitely be helpful on VPNs.

Backup products compatible with vSAN
You can get a list of them in this KB_article, but most enterprise tools - like Veeam will work fine. It is good to check and make sure your backup tool is supported.

Deploying and configuring a vCenter appliance using Terraform
This article will help you deploy a VCSA using Terraform.

What’s new in vSphere 7 U1 for Data Protection
John has an article where he explains - quite nicely - the changes in U1 that impact backups.  Very good info.

VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 1 introduces an interface for advanced time synchronization config
Learn more about this advanced time management in this article.

How to Upgrade ESXi 6.x to 7 with vSphere Lifecycle Manager
Melissa provides lots of info on this subject in this article and helps you get started with the VUM replacement Lifecycle Manager. BTW, here is the KB_article on update sequence for vSphere and compatible products. Don’t forget about reading the release notes either.

TKG & vSAN File Service for RWX (Read-Write-Many) Volumes
Cormac provides some education on this topic.  Great info Cormac - thanks!

How to automate Object Maintenance Mode in vRealize Operations 8
This article is very good info.  I have long ago helped customers with the same thing. In those days was done different mind you and not as good as today. You don’t want your monitoring software to say host down and all the fuss that generates and find out it was just patching!

Monitoring your applications with VMware vRealize Operations
This article is a good reminder that vROps can monitor VMs and applications too. It is best to monitor apps actually.

vRealize True Visibility Suite: The Essentials Album
Some learning on vROps and what it can be done is in this article.  It is a series BTW.

Horizon View - Why Automated Desktop Pools with Full Clones are still a thing
An interesting article with some good points.

VPN Your Way to NSX-T Overlay
This article could be very helpful if you have source and destination in different environments and need to connect.

What is VMware VM Customization Specification
This article breaks down VM Customization which I know people that do not use it and it is pretty handy.

How to Deal with PSOD
Runecast is sharing a small book about dealing with PSOD.  I have looked at it and it is pretty good. Lots of people should check this book out.  For example it suggests taking a picture of the PSOD screen which is a very important idea.

How to copy files from Windows to Linux using PowerShell Remoting
I saw this article and it amazed me so I am sharing it. I have not done PowerShell Remoting but it sounds very cool.

Big Sur, the Apple M1 Chip, and how VMware makes it all work for the Enterprise
This article talks how VMware and Workspace ONE and View can help tie M1 Macs into the enterprise. No real surprises as I am using my M1 MBA with View with no issues and I have since the first day or three I got it.

Hands On With Veeam 11 CDP
Matt has an article all about CDP which I think is very cool stuff. When I was at Veeam I spent some time working on CDP and it was amazing.  I am so glad it is coming out.  And Matt is right it has not been out sooner as they had to make it perfect. Nice article Matt!

v11 is coming! What’s got the Veeam Vanguard community so excited?
This article is a collection of links to articles that the Vanguard have done on new v11 features.

Looking back on 2020, giving back to you
Rick has a nice article about the community and a nice draw.

Release Notice: New v10a Cumulative Patch Is Out
Anthony lets us know in this article about a new patch from Veeam. I have applied it with no issues.

HUGE, NEW AWS backup and recovery release!
This article will help you learn more about this new release.

Strong Consistency in S3 and Cloud Block Store
Cody has an interesting article and he shares some interesting changes in S3 too.

Apple M1 Macs: What you need to know about buying a new Mac with Apple silicon
This article has a lot details on the subject. Good info. It defines some things too which is also good.

How to get face recognition on HomeKit security cameras in iOS 14 an macOS Big Sur
Face recognition is very handy and so it was very good news when I saw this article. I like how in one tool I used if the face was recognized you could have the alarm not sounded.  But a unrecognized face would sound the alarm.

How to adjust webcam settings on your Mac
This article is quite interesting as it talks about tools that can help with your built in camera and tweak its settings.

How to transfer all your data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone
This article will help you move to a new iPhone. And it does it the safe way I like to do it.

For cord-cutters, Channels DVR is what Plex might have been
This article is about a Plex alternative that sounds quite interesting. We don’t have TV in our house, but rather depend on Apple iTunes and NetFlix and it is pretty good. So no Plex or Channels in our house so I cannot comment on this app.

macOS Big Sur: Customize the menu bar with Control Center
This article is quite helpful if you wish to enhance your menu bar.

[Updated for December] Best USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 Displays for Mac
If you are looking for new monitors for your Mac this article might be helpful. I agree with their LG suggestions.

How to use iOS apps on an Apple Silicon Mac, and how to extract them from your iPhone or iPad
This article will help you get an app out of your iPhone or iPad and have it work on your M1 Mac under Big Sur. I have not tested this as I don’t have an app on my iPad or iPhone that I need on my Mac.

How to disable Smart HDR on iPhone 12
I am not sure how often I would do this - if at all - but if you need to disable Smart HDR you can see how in this article.

Apple Maps rolls out update for Canada packed with new features
This is very good news as I use these features when travelling in other cities. However I checked Maps on Big Sur and in iPadOS and I saw nothing new.  Not guides or look arounds so maybe I need to be patient.

Apple Watch Family Setup to launch in Canada on Dec. 14
This article talks about the family setup getting into Canada finally.  However it looks like it will only work for Bell customers.

Apple One: What you need to know about Apple’s services bundle
The ONE subscription is something that is not so clear or so easy to learn about so here is an article that will help a bit.

Is Windows Defender good enough in 2020 (yes and no)
This article will help explain this if the Windows Defender is good enough or not.

Browser Security Best Practices
This article will provide some good ideas on security when using your browser.

Microsoft issues guidance for DNS cache poisoning vulnerability
This article talks about the vulnerability and the mitigation for a DNS cache issue.

NSA warns that Russia is actively exploiting patched VMware vulnerabilities
This article has some text on this but also a podcast called The CyberWire Daily for more info.

One of the Internet’s most aggressive threats could take UEFI malware mainstream
This is a little scary but good to know. Defence in depth is so important now.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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