Newsletter: November 28, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone who see’s this is good and if US based had a good Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was a while back but it has been a nice week for us. Friday the Alberta government did some new COVID-19 restrictions that are supposed to help and they might, but likely not enough.  The worst part of it if they don’t help, we will not be able to have my family over for Christmas!

I got some new shared storage that is pretty nice so I did a short article on it. It is so cool that I could afford to buy enterprise storage that is pretty darn quiet. This means that I have a working lab now and once I am back in vExpert - which I hope happens - I will start working on some more technical and detailed articles.

I do not have a lot to share, seems like there is more advertising then technical articles right now but I do have some, so I should get started.

Have a great week,


vCLS VMs not powering on, insufficient resources error
Duncan talks about this interesting issue in this article and helps deal with it too. It is good that Duncan finds these things, or hears about them, as after he checks them out in the lab, he reports them to engineering if they need to be.

vSAN 7 Update 1 - What’s new in Cloud Native Storage
This article has some good info on the CNS aspects of this release. Some nice tidbits like backup too.

Heads Up: VMFS6 Heap Exhaustion in ESXi 7.0
IN 7.0 and 7.0b there is an issue in the VMFS heap space and while it is solved in Update 1 if you are not there this article will explain things and provide a workaround as well.

Quick Fix - Issues Upgrading VCSA due to Password Expiration
Anthony has an article that covers off an issue in upgrades and the solution. I suspect that this is an issue that others will run into.

TAM Lab 079 - Using vRA Cloud to operate a Multi-Cloud Environment
This article is an intro to what these two TAM’s do in their video which is pretty cool.  vRA is a powerful tool.

VMware Horizon 2006 upgrade from version 7.x
This is a big upgrade, and you should make sure you set time aside, and have backups! But this article will help you understand all the steps and the order and the things you need to do.

Upgrading VMware Horizon - A few tips
This article does have a few good tips on doing Horizon upgrades and some good links too.

Learn about the Horizon Control Plane - Image Management
This article has some info on Image Management and it sounds interesting. It is likely related to how in vSphere 7 you can check out, and check in, templates.

Creating Custom VMware Skyline Dashboards within vRealize Operations Cloud
This article will help you with additional dashboards in your vROps Cloud environment - if you are a Skyline customer and you definitely should be.

Fusion 12.1 Now Shipping
Fusion is a wonderful tool, and very useful and you can learn about the new features in this article.

NSX-T Identity Firewall, how it really works
This article has some good details on this topic which is something good to learn.  This firewall is pretty useful.

Photon OS 4.0 beta release now available
This new version of Photon has a serious number of new features. I like Photon to use in the lab for virtual machines when I need a bunch of virtual machines.

How to deploy Knative to a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) Cluster on both vSphere with Tanzu and TKG Multi-Cloud?
William helps you understand Knative in this article and it sounds like a very handy utility.

Visio Diagrams for VMware Validated Design for SDDC 6.0
If you need the visio’s you can find them via this article.

VMware Marketplace: How we built a one-stop shop for all ecosystem solutions
You can learn a little about the past of the VMware Marketplace but also a little of the future in this article.

The Raspberry Pi makes a great USB webcam for $100
This article will help you create a webcam out of a Pi. And it looks like it works good!

Enterprise data protection: The bigger truth with Cisco and Veeam
A new technical whitepaper on Cisco and Veeam can be found here. Some good and useful info if you have Cisco computer hardware.

Apple Silicon M1 Mac mini review - speed today and a promise of more later
I know someone who is thinking of buying a mini, and so this article caught my attention. I think a M1 mini is a pretty good choice!

1Password on Apple Silicon
This article talks about 1Password on the new M1 Macs.  It is very good to hear that Universal support will be out soon.

How to use Guides, Indoor Maps, and Look Around in Maps with macOS Big Sur
Some nice improvements and very cool functionality that is explained in this article.  I love the indoor maps.

Check M1 compatibility for all your Mac Apps with this free open source tool
Software written for Intel works - thanks to Roseta2 on the M1 new Macs.  And of course Native apps work even better and without Roseta. This article talks about software you can use to tell what type of apps you have.  I had more native apps than I realized. BTW, here is another article on this subject that uses a different tool and more background info.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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