My new lab storage - is amazing!

Hello all,

When I was going to retire soon, I sold my lab.  But when I realized I had ALS and could not do all the things in my retirement I was looking forward to, I bought another - smaller lab.  For storage I was going to buy an R710 on Ebay, add drives and do Nexenta again.  This worked well for me in the past. But, I thought maybe I should do something nicer.  More Enterprise. I checked iX systems as I know people that like them.  I found an array I could afford - TrueNAS Mini X which could handle five data storage drives and was very quiet.  It shipped with 5.2 TB storage usable.  I paid roughly 1995 US / 2881.68 CAD.

So I bought an enterprise system.  How has it turned out?  Wonderful actually, as it does NFS, iSCSI and SMB - although I am only doing NFS.  Performance is excellent, and the UI is pretty good too.  And it can do odd things like be a Plex Media server or an Anti-Virus server (using Clam) so it is pretty cool.

I have used it enough to say it is more than good enough for me to recommend - for home labs or even businesses.  Although business should buy bigger versions that hold more disk but it would be the same OS running the appliance.

I will write up how it goes after I have used it for longer.  I just want to share how much I already like this storage appliance - I also like the people I have dealt with at iX too.


=== END ===

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