Newsletter: November 7, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is good?  Keeping safe and working too. As a retired guy I am trying to keep busy but it is hard sometimes. Still fighting with my lab.

I wrote a BCDR article recently, which I hope might help someone, and I had a guest write an interesting article too.

We lost Sean Connery recently and I liked his work a lot.  He really was a star.  Here is a short article on him.

But lets get started, I have stuff to share and then back to the lab to finish things off!

Have a great week!


vExpert applications will open at November 20th
You can find the details on this, and how good it is, in this article. In advance of retiring I sold my lab, and told the Expert program I did not need to be part of it.  My retirement plans were exciting and a lot fun.  But when I realized I had ALS and could not do any of them, I realized I needed my lab back as that was something I could do.  So I bought a new lab and am slowly making it work.  But I really look forward to being back in the vExpert world.

vSAN Operations Guide - Updated
Thanks to Pete Koehler I heard that the vSAN Operations guide was updated and you can find it right here.

Kubernetes Monitoring with vRealize Operations: What, Why, and How
From this article you can get access to some very useful technical white papers. I like how they are broken apart in what and how.

The Gorilla Guide to ….. Maximizing VMware vRealize Operations (Updated for 8.1 and Cloud)
This article will provide you access to the updated guide. The previous version was good.

vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon - Now Available in vRealize Operations Cloud
This article has the full info.  But it looks like it is in the cloud first and it doe not say when the non-Cloud vRealize Operations users will get access.  It is too bad as I would love to have it in my lab to watch my View infrastructure.

Better vMotion for Graphics with EVC for GPUs
This article talks about some new functionality that is very useful and cool - EVC for graphics. EVC is very useful for processors and has been a big help over the years so this is good news I think for GPU and graphics and vMotion working better together!

How to generate an Email alert for vSAN Drive Failure
John has an article that shows you how to do that.  But it should also give you ideas on other alerts that might be handy and worth doing.

NTP Service not starting on ESXi 7 after restart
This article shows you a script to help with this. I checked my lab and one host was OK and NTP was running but the other was not. I suspect that this should be fixed fairly quickly.

VMware Tools is now a separate product
This article talks about this, and it sounds like a good idea.  However, I hope VMware Tools continues to be in the ESXi image as that is very easy for us.

Did you know vSphere 7 Update 1 also has a Skyline Health Check for vSphere Clustering Services?
I did not know.  But Duncan has the full info and a video too in this article.

How to Patch vCenter
I suspect most of my readers already know how to update vCenter.  But I share this article as it is well done and you might have a co-worker, or a customer, that might want to do the update themselves and this article will help them out.

Unable to run vCenter Server Appliance installer on macOS
This article shows you the problem, and then how to fix it too. Is sort of a typical issue on macOS now with this sort of thing due to increased security.

Persistent Volume Placement in HCI-Mesh Deployments
Cormac has a really interesting article that can be a big help for people doing Persistent Volume placement (in vSAN mesh situations).

Automating HAProxy VM deployment with 3-NIC configuration using PowerCLI
William has an interesting article covering off this HAProxy deployment.

vSphere with Tanzu vCenter servr network configuration overview
Frank has one of his amazing articles that teach us so well and this time on a network overview in vSphere with Tanzu.

TKG Demo Appliance on VMware Cloud on DellEMC
William talks in this article about getting his TKG demo appliance working in the Dell Cloud and how it works.

Custom Virtual Machine Class types with vSphere with Tanzu
William has the scoop on this in this article. It is pretty interesting stuff.

Cloud Native Storage Part 1: Storage Policy Configuration
Cody has the full details on this and it is good reading!

vRealize Automation SaltStack Config - A Technical Overview
This article is pretty detailed in Salt and I am not really sure what it is(other than an interesting movie). But if you do I suspect the article will be quite handy.

NSX-T integration with VMware Cloud Director 10
This article will help with vCD and NSX-T with some detail. I quite love vCD but have only installed it once or twice long ago.  The onsite beta’s we did with it allowed us to find so many more bugs than the typical way that VMware did beta.

Four Reasons Horizon is the Choice for Modern and Secure Hybrid-Cloud VDI and Apps
This article talks about those four reasons which are pretty good ones.

vRealize Orchestrator 8.x Download Hotfix
This article will help to access the hotfix and install it too.

VMware Labs has released a new Fling - Storage Performance Test
This sounds like a useful tool, and perhaps make storage performance testing a little easier.

A Guide to Fumbling Through VMware PowerCLI
Melissa has a nice article to help get you started with PowerCLI. It is a very useful tool.

New VMware Learning certification diagram
You can see it here.

New SDDC Linking capability for VMware Cloud on AWS
Interesting article on this new functionality by William.

Using Pure Storage FlashArray Snapshots with Veeam for faster backups and improved RPO’s
This article talks about how Veeam can work with Pure arrays and improve backup performance. This really is cool functionality and people should use it.

Eero Mesh Wifi Review Part 2 - Setup and performance comparison
Anthony has an article on Eero and implement it. Interesting stuff.  I am a Eero customer too and really like it.

How to download an entire State map with Gaia Topo
I use Gaia when I head out into the wilds - like mountains and deserts.  I have even used it in a few cities where I was visiting or working for the first time.  So a great tool, and I thought this blog about this functionality in it was pretty cool.

Apple One customers can get refunds on services they already have
This is good news in this article.  I like the idea of Apple One and I have bought into it. No refund for me as the Apple Music, and iCloud I get are paid monthly.

5G on the iPhone 12: How to pick the right plan to get the speediest coverage
This article will only help the US readers of my blog.  Nothing about 5g outside the US.

When deleting a song from iTunes or Apple Music in macOS, where does it go?
You can find out more on this subject in this article - if you need too.

Carbon Copy Cloner alerts its users about macOS Big Sur compatibility issues
This article is the alert. I do not use Carbon Copy but rather SuperDuper from ShirtPocket software and it has the same issues!

Apple Releases iOS 14.2, iPad 14.2, watchOS 7.1, HomePod Software 14.2, and tvOS 14.2
This article covers off these releases nicely. I have updated an iPhone 11, iPad Pro (2nd gen), and two Apple TV’s with no issues. There are some important security fixes in this release.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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