Newsletter: October 24, 2020

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone well?  Things are OK here. COVID-19 is spiking something fierce in Canada so my wife and I are in locked down mode as much as we can.

My lab is coming along, but the new firewall I got had been configured already and so I could not use it.  But they got an actual new one sent to me pretty quick so that is good. But I made a mistake with it so in the reset and try 2 mode now. They don’t use a WAN port but rather trusted and untrusted so it can be a little confusing for someone who has not worked with it before.

Quite some time ago I lost a small NAS.  It would not boot any longer.  It had VMware starting with 1.0 on it, as well as some other 1.0 software and I was very unhappy to lose it.  I mention this since Veeam has NAS backup now so it is a good idea to backup important NAS.

I moved to a new iPad, one of the ones that were announced recently and so I used my article on the subject and made sure it was still current. My article is a big help.

But I have a lot of stuff to share so I should get started!

Have a great week, and stay safe too,


VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2 now GA
You can see the release notes for more info. Looks like a lot of new stuff! Here is a blog on this release.

vSphere with Tanzu Quick Start Guide
Mike has finished his updates on this wonderful guide, and you can find it, and a PDF of it, at this link.

Deploying Tanzu with HAProxy on a Single ESXi HomeLab Host Architecture
Anthony shares how he did this in this article.  Useful if you want to do something similar.

How to collect a diagnostic log bundle from a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
Just in case you need to get a log bundle here is the info on how.

Configure “vSphere with Tanzu” in VMware Cloud Director 10.2
In case you wish to do this - and it would be handy for labs and learning - you can use this article.

Automating vSphere with Tanzu Lab Deployment Script
William has a very handy script connected with this article that will help deploy Tanzu. The comments to the article are also interesting. When my lab is ready I wish I could use this script to deploy things but I have a personal rule that says I deploy everything first manual before I automate it. That way I learn more so if I have issues with automation there is a better chance I can deal with it.

Automating Workload Management on vSphere with Tanzu
William has a interesting article that has a great video link but also cool automation stuff.

vSphere with Tanzu video series
You can find the first video right here on Tanzu and it is about prerequisites but there are three other videos so far and all are very good and useful.

Kubeapps 2.0: Empowering Kubernetes users with a new UI and multicluster support
This article talks about this update and provides details.

Heads up on using pfSense and vSphere with Tanzu and HAProxy
Good article to help with an issue between vSphere with Tanzu and pfSense but I suspect this might occur with other firewall types and if so the info in this article will help them too.

Kubernetes on ESXi-Arm using k3s
William has an article about doing Kubernetes on your Pi infrastructure.  Pretty amazing actually. I love the screenshot that shows a Pi as an ESXi host.

How to configure vSAN 7.0 File Service
You can learn how to configure the file service that vSAN has now using this article.

VMware NIC Teaming
Melissa has a number of articles on this subject to help you learn more.  It is good info!

Using PowerCLI and vSphere Tags to create / migrate HCX Mobility Group-s to VMware Cloud SDDC
William has an interesting article on doing what the title says. HCX is a VMware tool I do not know much about, and have not used but it sounds pretty interesting. In case you would rather use your voice check out this article.

VMware’s Project Monterey Marks a Major Shift in modern infrastructure
I have shared an article on Project Monterey before but I thought this one was a little different and interesting so thought I would share it too.

What’s New in vRealize Log Insight
I am very fond of Log Insight.  Not just because I find it easy but I was assigned to the team when they joined VMware and it was a great bunch of guys. They had a good sense of humour which was good one year when I had every device at VMworld send logs to their beta 1.0 - which handled it super well. But here is the article with what is new in 8.2.

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is Now Available
You can learn more about this offering in this article.  I so wish I could play with it as it looks really interesting.  I have not heard about DR testing with it or what sort of documentation it produces (like test reports, or config reports, or failover reports). If anyone lets me play with it I will write about the good of it, and share the bad or missing privately. As some of the VMware people may remember I am a real BCDR guy and so my writing would be in that vein.

Free Basic Subscription to VMware Learning Zone Extended for a Year! Sign up before 31 October - Act Now!
So you can get free access to the VMware Learning Zone if you move quick.  It is a useful resource as I have used it before and quite liked it.

VMware Horizon 7.13 released
When this happened it caught me by surprise as version 8 is out. But here is the downloads, and here is the release notes. Here is an article that talks about this release and all what came out with it.

What’s New - vRealize Network Insight 6.0 integration with vRealize Operations 8.2
This article talks about the additional integration between these two products. I like the integration, in particular because it could really help out in BCDR.

“vmware_guest_file_operation” copy file from VM without network
This might sound impossible but I know it is possible - vCenter does it on occasion so this article that shows you how to do it is interesting.

pfSense SQUID configuration for VMware homelab
This article is pretty interesting as it is about setting up caching of content in or via, your pfSense firewall.  I think that is pretty darn useful!

Introducing Simplified Deployment for VMware Cloud Director 10.2
It is pretty cool that VMware made vCD easier to deploy.  It certainly took a few steps in the past so easier is nice.  See more about this in this article.

Getting started with NSX-T part 1
NSX-T is a bit complex in my opinion, so this article helping you get started with it is pretty handy!

The video of our Active Directory session at VMworld 2020
This article is connected to the video and is good info. Domain controllers are virtualized all over so more info on how they work with (or don’t work with) virtualization is good.

New KB articles published for the week ending 18th October, 2020
An article interesting list of new KB articles.  Good to check out in case you are impacted by any in the future!

The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability
At this link you can download the eBook that will help you with Infrastructure Scalability.

PowerShell: Convert Word documents to PDF documents (bulk)
This article shows you how to convert word docs to PDF at the command line.  This would be so handy when you need to convert a lot of docs.

What is a disaster recovery plan?
Melissa has an interesting article to answer that question.  I would add you need application owners involved, and the BIA is a very big help!

4 Essential Steps to make you sound and look professional whilst working from home
Michael has some good suggestions in this article to help you look more professional in Zoom or Webex calls.

Protecting NAS, AWS, Azure & more is now more affordable than you might think?
This article talks about features in VBR that may not be as familiar with people as other features. I particularly like the NAS backup and how the first 250 GB is free.

Everything you need to know about Ultra Wideband in the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini
This article will explain the significance of UWB and how it might be useful for us.

An Apple Watch with Family Setup is an Expensive Smart Watch for your Kids
This article will help you out with just what Family Setup is and how useful it might be, or not.

Why Apple is putting Dolby Vision cameras on the iPhone 12
This article is quite interesting and educational too. The cameras in the iPhone 12 are truly amazing.

How to use iCloud Drive on iPhone and iPad
This article will help you out with iCloud on your iPhone or iPad. I am a user of iCloud and really appreciate how it is on all my devices so I can always find what I am looking for on any device.

iPhone Upgrade Program vs iPhone Payments: Which iPhone financing plan is right for you?
This article will help you understand both plans and maybe help you with which is best for you.

Foursquare launches Marsbot for AirPods, an audio guide app for interesting places
This article talks about this interesting functionality.  This is the start of a future trend I suspect (and hope).

Apple TV+ Guide: Here are all the Apple TV shows and movies available now
I find it a little difficult to find what is new, or what is on Apple TV sometimes so this article is helpful.

iPhone 12 Pro camera review: Glacier NP
This article shows off some great pictures from the iPhone 12. The 12 is likely a very good iPhone, but it is an amazing camera.

How to setup Medical ID on your iPhone
I was recently talking with a nurse who had been trained to look for medical info on iPhones. I have it setup and I think everyone should. So here is the info.

Apple Releases iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1, HomePod Software 14.1, and tvOS 14.0.2
The details on this, as best as they can be done, can be found in this article by Tidbits. Here is an article on the HomePod 14.1 with more details.

Here’s how HomePod’s new Intercom feature works with Apple Watch
This article will talk about the cool new feature of Intercom and how it will work on the watch when that functionality is available.

‘GravityRAT’ Windows spyware modified to infect macOS, Android
More info on this issue can be found in this article.

Circling the Security Wagons - Why Organizations Must Meet the Surge in COVID-19 Ransomware Attacks
This article is quite interesting and has some very good points!

Unlock Windows 10’s God Mode to access all settings in one screen
I thought that this was sort of useful in some cases so here is the full info.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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