Newsletter: September 19, 2020

Hello all,

I am writing to you from Vancouver British Columbia today.  It is a very nice city and great to visit so I am happy I am here, plus I get to meet a great friend again in person.  If any readers of my blog live here, and want to get lunch together, let me know.

It has been a busy week, and I have a lot of articles to share, many on the new Apple stuff, especially since some of the new features are a little obscure or different. A lot of articles came out on vSphere 7 Update 1 and I have some on those to share too.

I have had some good luck and I have found a good way to make my lab work, and as soon as I stay home for a bit I will get it working and that will be very nice!

This is going to be a big issue.  Somehow I ended up with a lot of articles.  So will take me a while and likely be a bit late with the newsletter. But hopefully next time it will be back to normal size!

Have a great and safe week!


vSphere 7 Update 1 - vSphere Lifecycle Manager Improvements
Some interesting improvements in U1 of vSphere talked about in this article.  I like the additional integration with Lifecycle.

vSAN 7.0 U1 - What’s New?
Cormac details what is new in this article.  Some good stuff. The Mesh idea is pretty cool and it would be fun to try it! BTW, here is Duncan article on the same subject but it is a little different.

Tier-0 Inter-SR Routing changes in NSX-T 3.0
A very detailed article on this subject.  NSX-T is so powerful it is amazing.

Reason’s for instability of NSX-T cluster
This article talks nicely about an issue and how to address it in the NSX-T world.

VMworld Online Around the Globe with vRealize Automation
This article talks about the recommended sessions, roundtables and labs for vRA.

6 reasons Why Customers Choose Horizon 7 VMware Cloud on AWS
Some good points in this article on the why people do desktop in the cloud.

New VDI Calculator debuts today!
Andre has done a new version of his VDI calculator which was very popular and useful.  Find out more here.

Horizon View 7.12 Console login failure with Windows Server Core
This article has the problem, the symptom, and the workaround. I did not know you could install a View connection server on server core.

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4.1 - What’s new
Cormac details for us what is new in VCF 4.1 in this article. Interesting stuff!

VMware Skyline Support for VMware Cloud Foundation
Learn more about how Skyline supports VCF in this article.  This is good news.  I really like Skyline and think it should be installed everywhere VMware is installed.

VMware unlocks the power of Kubernetes for 70 million-Plus workloads Running on vSphere
This article talks about Update 1 for vSphere 7 and all what it includes.  Good reading.

All about vSphere 7 U1 features
Melissa talks about the U1 features and it is nicely done. Here is the official article on Update 1.

VMware Announcements September 2020 - The resource list
Christian has an article with some good videos on the new stuff as well as some good links too.

Simplify Your Approach to Application Modernization with 4 Simple Editions for the Tanzu Portfolio
This article talks about the editions and what is common overall.

My Top 15 vRealize Operations Super Metrics
This article will help you do super metrics which is very useful and handy.  Nice examples they have too - like license numbers.

Intelligent Troubleshooting in Data Centers with Mining Evidence of Performance
This article also connects to a presentation.  It is interesting and has some good points.

Pure Storage Plugin v4.4.0 for the vSphere Client
Cody talks about this new release in this article.  If you are a Pure customer you need to check out the article! Cody always shares good stuff!

How to install VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu 20.4 LTS
If you want the Player on Ubuntu this article will help.  Pretty handy actually to have the player on Linux.

VMworld 2020 - Top 5 sessions you should not miss
This article talks about the sessions worth attending and some of the choices are quite good.

The Hidden Gems of a virtual VMworld
Nick has an excellent article on this subject with really good ideas and suggestions.

Azure Files Backup made easy!
Rick talks about this subject in this article and it is true, Veeam helps to make it much easier.

HPE: How to configure HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy in Veeam Backup & Replication v10
Jorge has the info you need to work with HPE in Veeam.  Nice job Jorge!

A14 Bionic FAQ: What you need to know about Apple’s 5nm processor
This article talks about why the A14 is a big deal. I am going to buy one of the new iPad Airs in October when I can, and it has an A14 in it so this article was pretty exciting for me.

17 things you can do in iOS 14 that you could not do before
Some good info in this article if you are still getting used to your recently updated iPhone.

Users can now set Microsoft Outlook, Edge as iOS 14 defaults
If you use either Outlook or Edge on your iOS device this article will be helpful. Here is an article about changing your mail and it has good details.

How to change the default browser in iOS 14
You can answer that question in this article.

How to use Smart Stacks for widgets in iOS 14
This is something I was not sure how to do, but this article is sort of helpful on smart stacks. Which are useful it turns out.

Apple Releases Safari 14 for macOS Catalina, Mojave users
I have used Sarari 14 and I find it quite a bit faster. So it is good it is out for everyone now.  It has no Adobe Flash support but it has an interesting privacy report. Learn more in this article.

All the new watch faces in watchOS 7 and Apple Watch Series 6
I am not a fan of the watch faces - I have one and no need to change it, but there is a lot more watch faces now and you can see most of them in this article.

iOS 14 MAC randomization privacy feature may cause Cisco enterprise network features
I don’t think it is a may but a more likely occurrence. It would be good security if when the device was away from the enterprise it was random, but in the enterprise it was always the same. Learn more in this article.

How to use Back Tap on the iPhone with iOS 14
This is quite interesting article as this back tap can not only execute a command but also a shortcut.

How to use picture-in-picture on the iPhone in iOS 14
This is something I needed help with, as I was not sure how to do it so this article was helpful. But PIP is pretty cool and almost useful.

Here’s how to use the new iPhone home screen widgets in iOS 14
This article will help you exploit a cool new feature!

iOS 14 is now available; these are the 14 best features
This article has a list of features in iOS 14 and it is in fact a pretty good list.

iOS 14: Tips, guides, Tricks and everything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone OS
This article has a lot of info on iOS 14 and they seem to be adding to it too.

Apple Subscriptions Expand with Apple Fitness+, Apple One bundles
Learn more about this new stuff in this article. I find it a little complex, and will have to do some serious comparison to see if it makes sense or not. Here is another article on this subject.

App Clips in iOS 14: The Right App at the Right Time
This new functionality in iOS 14 is pretty useful I think and so it is good to learn more about it in this article.

AppleCare+ just became a must-have add-on to your Apple Device
Some nice changes in AppleCare and you can learn about them in this article. I agree AppleCare+ just became a must have.

Apple Just announced the eighth-generation iPad and a completely redesigned iPad Air
This article talks about the two iPads and the iPad Air sounds wonderful and I am going to get one!

New AirPods firmware update brings spatial audio and automatic device switching to iOS beta users
It is important to note that this update will come to everyone but the new functionality will only be seen if you are using iOS 14.  See this article for more info.

Apple quietly reveals the Watch Series 6 will be first with U1 location chip
In this article you can learn more about the U1 and why it is so cool.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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