Newsletter: September 12, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well, and still staying safe.  We are not out of this darn pandemic yet. I had someone recently approach me and ask me to do a review of their product.  Which I did and it was quite fun - you can read about it here in this article. I hope other people ask me to do the same. I am working on bringing up a new lab in my home office.  It is harder due to me being a Eero customer.  I have written up my plan in this article and as I get things done, and learn, I update it. It will help people who are Eero customera and want to add things like NAS, IP cameras, or vSphere.

As I am deploying my two new Supermicro hosts I have updated one of my articles on the subject. I think it will help lots if you buy Supermicro.

Alan did a blog to say thank you to all that have contributed to Alan and family in recovery from losing their home. It was a pleasure to help Alan!  I wish you and your family the very best.

As you have heard many times, I have stuff to share so lets get started!

Have a great week,


Upgrade vCenter (VCSA) 6.7 U3 to 7.0.0c
This article can help you do the upgrade and it has a lot of screen shots to help too. vSphere 7 is one of the biggest vSphere releases so it is definitely worth upgrading too.

When deploying a new install of vRA 8.x with embedded vROps 8.x it fails with error “LCMVRAVACONFIG590003”
This article explains the problem and the solution so if you hit their error you can get past it.

Introducing the VMware Marketplace!
This very brief article talks of there is a new replacement for the Solution Exchange and Cloud Marketpace. Which is a good thing, and hopefully an improvement.

Top 5 Takeaways from vRealize Log Insight Cloud August Release
This article will share the top 5 features of the August release of Log Insight Cloud edition. They send quite useful. I still use Log Insight that is installed in my lab (or will be soon) so I likely will not see these new features.

VMworld 2020 - My top 15 Picks in Storage, Availability, DR and Kubernetes
Cormac picks some most excellent choices for sessions at VMworld.  Very helpful.

John’s 2020 vSAN VMworld Sessions
John lists his sessions in this article.  They will be very good to learn from!

Top 15 VMworld 2020 sessions to attend
This article covers off the sessions that Duncan is doing and the 15 he thinks are interesting. They look interesting to me too!

Tips for using USB Network Adapters with VMware ESXi
Some useful info for home lab users in this article on making USB adapters work.

VMware Snapshots Explained
Melissa has an article that does a nice job talking about and explaining VMware snapshots.  One thing to add is that VMware knows of the issues around snapshots and every release try and improve things and they have improved a lot.

Introducing VMware Skyline Health Diagnostic Tool
I really like this tool, and I wish home labs could have it too.  But learn more about it in this article.

SAML MFA authentication for VMware Horizon using Thales Safenet Trusted Access
If you want to see how to make this work this article will be quite helpful. I think that this sort of thing is a good idea to make Horizon even more secure.  Not just Thales, but whatever MFA vendor you like.

VMware Advanced Monitoring for Horizon Powered by ControlUp
I used to have ControlUp in my lab and it was wonderful, very good for monitoring.  In this article it talks about ControlUp and Horizon. Very cool tool.

How to backup vRealize Automation 8.x using Veeam
Dean does a very nice job of explaining how to do this in this article and it is a little more complex than I expected. Which means this is an important article for people to be aware of if they wish to backup vRA.

Deploy vRealize Automation 8 with Easy Install
Here is an article that will help with the vRA 8 install.  Which is nice!

Terraform Service in vRA (Cloud Templates)
This article talks about some change in vRA Cloud, and in the next release of vRA. More Terraform support / integration.

vRA system nodes stuck on “starting docker engine” after a restart (79425)
I have heard of this impacting people (including you David!) and so this KB article is interesting and has a solution too.

vRealize True Visibility Suite Management Pack for ServiceNow
This article talks about the vROps management pack that connects vROps and SErviceNow.  For customers that have both of these excellent tools the management pack is very useful.

NSX Secures Physical Servers with Bare Metal Agents
This article is interesting and it is cool how NSX can secure physical machines.

Failed to deploy PV to local volume - “No compatible datastore found for storagePolicy”
This article by Cormac has an interesting issue and workaround to the issue.

New KB articles published for the week ending 6th September 2020
This article has an interesting range of articles that were created to help customers solve issues recently.

Which Windows Server Events Should You Monitor and Why?
This article talks about which events to monitor and why.  Good info!

Veeam ransomware page
Veeam has an interesting page that provides some info on ransomware like what it is, how to protect yourself and more.

“Homelab Server, we have a problem”
Michael has an interesting article about his lab at home. And yes, WTF about Hyper-V?

Apple releases macOS Supplemental Update with iCloud, Wi-Fi fixes
You can learn a little more about this update in this article, along with the fact it has been pulled.  I suspect it will be back quick, or not at all.

Nomad bundles Apple Watch adapter with free-placement Base Station Pro
The Nomad charging pad is one of the best out there.  The reason is that you can put your phone anywhere on it and it will charge.  Many charging pads need more or less exact placement.  And now this product includes a watch adapter in it.  See more in this article.

Turn satellite imagery into amazing wallpapers for your Mac.
I suspect there is likely a few of you that would love to have satellite pictures for your desktop on your Mac?  See how to do that with this article.

Windows 10 Ameliorated
This article provides access to an ISO of Windows 10 that is much more secure than normal.  Interesting stuff. If you roll that out I wonder if Microsoft still supports you?

Windows 10 now lets you mount Linux ext4 filesystems in WSL 2
I assume this article is good news for someone?  I think if it is so important functionality why not use Linux?

How to fix network recovery and FileVault features blocked by a clock problem
This article will remind you to always leave your Mac connected to an NTP server - like it is by default. And it will share how time problems can impact you.

Hands-on: iOS 14 beta 7 changes and features
This video does a nice job of showing you some of the new stuff in beta 7.  I believe iOS 14 will be a big deal for people and there will be some learning to take advantage of new features. Which is why I share out these early looks.

iOS 14’s App Library: The FAQ
I like this App Library in iOS 14 and so it is good to see this article to learn more.

How to test a used Mac before you buy it
This article has some great info to help you make sure you do not buy a brick. It is also good info to know.

Moving to a New Mac: What’s left to do after migration?
This article has a lot of detail in it.  It is not all the stuff that will impact you but some of it might.  So it is good to know. The comments are interesting too. Every new mac I get i write about moving to it on my blog so that might help too.

How to stop strangers from connecting to your AirPlay on Apple TV
This has actually happened to me at home.  Only for a minute or two and thus I think an accident.  But it is good to avoid and you can do that with the info in this article.  Worth doing I think, and it only takes a minute to do.

The future is bright for the DC-3
Not sure if any of you have flown in a DC-3 or not, but I have flown in it really a lot and it means a great deal to me, so it was cool to see this article, and this airplane that is so old has such a bright future.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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