Newsletter: September 5, 2020

Hello everyone,

I know I said this newsletter would not happen due to workload after coming home from 2 weeks of PTO.  But it has not turned out that bad, and my wife is helping out a lot too. So here we are. And I do have stuff to share!

I have bought some new lab gear, which I am very excited about, but making it work in my home that is controlled by Eero is complex.  So that is why I did this article in case someone else has comments or suggestions. And one day on our PTO when our lunch was interrupted by a herd of Elk I took pictures and wrote about it in this article.  It was amazing for us.

Here is an article which is a weekly digest on COVID-19 and is pretty well done.

But lots to share so I need to start.

Have a great week, and stay safe too,


VMware vCenter Server 7.0.0d now GA
Here is the release notes for this new release.

VMware vCenter 7.0.0c high CPU usage
This article talks of this issue and provides a workaround.  But you should be aware that 7.0d is out and it solves this issue. So upgrade rather than tweak.

vLCM Support for vSphere Auto Deploy
This article is very instructional about vLCM and Auto Deploy.  Great info if you use either or both. I am a big fan of Auto Deploy - it is very useful when you have a lot of mostly identical hosts.

vSphere FT and vVols/SPBM an unsupported config? Why?
Duncan explains this nicely in this article.  Good info to know. If you don’t know I can see this surprising and frustrating you.

vSphere Tags and Custom Attributes
I am a big user of tags, but have not used attributes before.  But this article talks about both.

Configuring NTP time source on vCenter Server 7 (VCSA)
This article shows a couple of methods of doing this, including accessing the VAMI in a way I have not done before. I cannot wait to get a lab going again. It is critical to have NTP configured and configured correctly!

Should you be using Eager Zero Thick on vSAN (or VMFS)
I love reading John’s articles - I always learn things.  In this one article learn about using EZT or not.

Host in vSAN cluster with 0 components while other hosts are almost full?
Duncan has an interesting article with the problem and solution clear in it.

Disabling TPM 2.0 connection cannot be established message in ESXi for Intel NUC 10
William helps you to understand this issue and deal with it in this article.  Also explains why TPM doesn’t work in NUC platform.

Notes from the field: VMware Access connector support LDAP Signing and Channel Binding
This article shares a problem, and a solution for that problem. I think that this sort of issue would get a lot of attention from users who could not log into the solution any longer!

Exporting the NSX-T DFW configuration via the Policy API
This article will help you export the firewall config and I think that quite handy.

Horizon 8.0 part 7: Deploying Horizon Connection Servers
You can see this article that Sean did and it is good info!  You can connect to other articles at the bottom of the article. This is a very good series and I hope that Sean makes it easier for people to access - just like the View 7 one.

Remove ROM to use LSI SAS cards in HPE Servers
Stephen has an interesting article about how something didn’t work, and then it did.

VMware OS Optimization Tool
This handy tool was recently updated and you can see more about it here. I have used and liked older versions of this tool.

Calling a REST API from PowerShell
If you don’t know how to do this, this article can educate you.

vExpert Cloud Management July 2020 Blog Digest
This article has links to a lot of good articles. It includes vROps, vRA, vRNI, Log Insight and more.

VMware Proactive Solution “Skyline”
This article has some good info and links on Skyline. I think every customer should be using Skyline!

VMware Skyline: What’s New August 2020
This article talks about what is new in Skyline.  Some great new features!

Why These Are My Favourite vSphere 7 Features
Melissa has a very good list of features that are her favourite in this article. I wish I could have gotten vSphere 7 training before I sort of retired.  There is so much new that training would be very helpful.

Depreciation of vSphere Automation SDK for Perl and vSphere SDK for .Net
You can find out more of this and what it means to you in this KB article.

v10a - Supercharging Recovery Speeds from Object Storage
Anthony has a good article on this and lots of info in it.  Very good stuff actually and helpful too.

VMware vSAN Files Services and Veeam
Andy talks about how Veeam can backup and restore vSAN File Services contents in this article.

All About Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager v10
Melissa talks about all the coolness that is the Enterprise Manager in this article.  She is right not enough people use it. I always install the Enterprise Manager as it is useful in so many ways.

Advanced guide to NAS Backup from Storage Snapshots
This whitepaper may be useful if you are doing NAS backups via storage snapshots. And if you are a Veeam partner I bet it will be quite helpful.

Apple releases iOS 13.7, iPadOS 13.7 with Exposure Notification update
This article will talk about the update. You can learn more about Exposure Notification in this article. I did the updates yesterday, and did them NOT over the air (OTA) and I had troubles.  Nothing serious but things happened like timeouts, or failures to download that do not ever happen.  But I did get things updated but it took a bit longer than normal.

iOS: How to scan documents with the Notes App
I had no idea this was possible - but it is useful and cool.  If you want to know how to scan docs with Notes then check out this article.

Apple Photos, iCloud Photos, and my Photo Stream: figuring out what to use
If you need help in this space, or background info this article will help.

iPadOS 14: How to use fullscreen live lyrics on iPad
I recently saw someone doing this and it looked cool.  But I had no idea on how to do it until I saw this article. This could be useful at parties.

Take Control Tackles Big Sur, iOS 14, and Zoom
I am a big fan of Take Control books, I have a number of them and they have been very handy. Here is an article about some new ones. iOS 14 has a LOT of new stuff in it, and Big Sur has a fair bit too.  So these books are a good idea.

How to create a bootable macOS Big Sur installer drive
I always like to do this and I thought others might too so here is the article to help.

How FileVault and the T2 Security Chip work together in newer Macs
Interesting article and one of the reasons I am a Mac fan.

The Best Password Managers to Secure your Digital Life
This article shows the various password managers on different platforms that are the best.  And I agree very much that 1Password is the best overall. It is the one I use and recommend.

Guiding principles: How least privilege leads to more security
This article talks about least privilege and I think that is a good idea.  More people should be thinking about it. It really helps in security, but also in dealing with malware impact.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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