Lunch interrupted - Elk want to go drinking

My wife and I are on vacation and are out in the Rocky Mountains close to home. Due to my condition we are not hiking like we used to, but rather mostly flat and short now.  But the other day when we stopped along the Bow river for lunch something happened. We were sitting on the ground and quietly talking as we ate our lunch and I heard a noise behind us.  Due to us hiking around the world, and sometimes the tiny noise is a herd of male elephants, or a bear, I looked.

It was Elk and as we were quiet and sitting on the ground they did not see us as a threat.  And we weren’t either. At first I thought there was only a few. But it turned out to be around 15 of them and they were not up for a drink but were heading to the other shore!

Here is where we learned what was really up.

Yes, the human head, or the human leg, is my wife Angela.

This was a magical moment for us, and I hope it is cool for you.


=== END ===

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