Newsletter: August 21, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is good and staying safe. Interesting week for me, as sort of retired and having to keep busy.  Working on a tough but interesting household technology issue and it is so much fun!

This newsletter is coming to you a little early since my wife is taking me on 2 weeks of PTO in the mountains with no internet.  This also means the next newsletter will not happen. Also, I likely will not be able to answer email or tweets either. However, if I get any cool animal pictures, I will try and find internet to share them out.

But lots to share so lets get started.

Have a great two weeks!


Upgrade ESXi 6.7 to ESXi 7.0 using esxcli
If you wish to know how to upgrade using the command line you can learn more about it in this article. I prefer to use VUM to do this.

vCenter 6.7 VAMI unable to login after patch 3i
Interesting article about a problem, and solution around accessing the VAMI.

The new vCenter Server 7.0 Update Planner
This article covers off interesting new functionality in vSphere 7. I think that this new functionality is cool but does need a little help to use.

vSphere 7- APIs, Code Capture, and Developer Center
This old article has been shared by me before, but I know someone that reads this newsletter who needs the help of the article.

vSphere 7’s vMotion interface notifies for time differences between vSphere hosts
This article talks about this interesting new functionality.  When I was professional services I never turned vSphere hosts over to customers until after time was perfect. HA, DNS, and time were very carefully checked before things were turned over.

Getting to know vSphere 7 Webcast Series
VMUG has some online learning in webinars that can help you with vSphere 7 learning.

Getting started wth vSphere’s API Explorer
Kyle will help you get started using this article, and this is cool info.

vSAN Encryption KMS info retrieval
This article will help if you need to change vCenter when vSAN encrytion is enabled.

Why upgrade vSAN? Here is a list of features, release by release
Some great reading in this article by Cormac and it is cool to see what the changes are in each release. Some good reasons to upgrade!

Retiring Horizon Client for UWP
This article talks about how the UWP client is being depreciated.  I had not ever used it, or seen it used.

Using PowerCLI with Horizon
You can get a start doing this using this article.

VMware Unifed Access Gateway - Helpful links
The UAG is a little complex to install / configure and this article will provide you with some info and links to help.

VMware Identity Manager and Certificates
This article will help with this subject area.

How to Deploy vRealize Automation 8.1 with Easy Install
It may be called Easy Install, and it is easier but still a nice article to help is very handy! Some of the new features are pretty amazing.

What’s New in vRealize Cloud Management 8.2
Learn about the next release in this article. This covers off both the on-prem and cloud solutions.

vROps Alert Notifications
You can get some help with this area in this article.

Load Balancing with NSX-T 3.0
You can learn more about Load Balancing and NSX-T in this article.

Announcing VMware Fusion 12 and Workstation 16
This article talks about the new versions of these two cool products. I love the technology guarantee program.

Automated deployment of K3s and Rancher on vSphere with Terraform
This article talks about how to do the automated deployment.

A sweet Chocolatey way of deploying your Veeam Software
Michael talks about this subject in this article.  He gives you options.  I think that this is a nice idea for a partner that install Veeam at customers to make sure things are done the same way each time.

An update to the Veeam Chef Cookbook
Michael talks about this update in this article.

Veeam Backup & Replication - application log file backup
Michael talks about this important functionality in this article and it is very good knowledge to share. People are often suprised that Veeam can do a good backup of Oracle.

A Great Little Windows Privacy Tool Called Spydish
This article talks about a cool tool that will inform you about what privacy config is on or not on and allow you to change the state too.

Explained: Kubernetes Service Ports
Nigel does a nice job explaining about the ports in this article.

Apple @ Work: Do Macs need security protection in the enterprise?
This article talks about this question - and does it pretty well.  I think that Macs do need security protection if only so they don’t remail things out of the enterprise.  But there is also Mac malware that we are starting to see more of.  And so much ransomware too.

How to use the Apple Watch’s Walkie-Talkie function
I have wondered about this, and recently someone asked me about it.  I was not sure how to answer about how to use it and then I see this article.

iOS 14: How to use the new iPhone alarms
If you want to see how alarms are going to be on on your iPhone when you do the next big upgrade you can in this article.

iPadOS 14: How to use the new widgets on iPad
This article will help you with the new widgets in the new OS.  I like the widgets and as of beta 5 they have improved.

Seven ways iOS 14 will help protect your privacy
I really like the changes we see in this article.  Pretty good privacy helpers.

All the new features and changes in iOS 14 beta 5
Beta 5 dropped recently and it has a bunch of new stuff.  Find out in this article. I am using beta 5 of iPadOS and it looks good and works good.

Apple TV+ FAQ: Everything you need to know
You can learn about TV+ in this article.  And it is getting better and better.

What’s New in macOS Big Sur 11 Beta 5
You can learn more about this new beta update in this article.  I am using beta 5 as I write this and it seems to still be quite stable.

New Mac malware infects and spreads via Xcode projects
This article covers off some new malware in the Mac world. I am a fan of Trend on Mac’s and PC’s.

Are you using the Full Potential of your SOC? 5 trends that will reshape modern security options
Very interesting article on SOC and how things are changing.  Very good stuff.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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