Newsletter: August 8, 2020

Hello all,

This was my first week of not working, and it was harder than it sounds. Trying to learn Swift as I have some cool ideas for apps but that has been harder than it sounds.  I have not yet found a good plan for learning Swift.  But I am getting used to not working.

I was recently in the mountains and a few times we were at busy trailheads and I heard not good info.  So I wrote about it in this article.

I have a variety of things to share today, but make sure you check out the first one.

Have a great week,


Clarification on Beirut Explosion
Ammonium nitrate will not explode on its own. To explode it needs to be mixed with diesel fuel.  And a fair bit of it too.  It still will not explode easily.  It will require an explosion to explode.  So like three sticks of dynamite. Ammonium nitrate is sort of like an explosive force multiplier but not really an explosive on its own.  I learned this in my Army days, and I confirmed it with the past boss of the EOD for the Canadian Military.

vSphere 7.0 - Upgrade virtual VM hardware and VMware Tools
This article can help you with the VM hardware and VMware Tools upgrades.  Order is important.  I do not like the web page as it is very messy and with lots of distractions but the info is good.

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes Changes the Game
Melissa has the info on this in this article and it is good reading!  Good info and some good reminders too.

NTP Error Upgrading vCenter Server VCSA 6.7 to 7.0
This article talks about this issue but also how to deal with it.  It is interesting and good to know.

Enhancements to the community ne1000 VIB for Intel NUC 10
This article has good news in it for NUC users everywhere.  Thanks for this William!

Horizon 8: Unleashing the Power of Secure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with a Modern Platform
This article is about a future release of Horizon and likely not too far away I think. I really like Horizon View and it is too bad I will not get to upgrade my lab to it (no more lab at home).

What’s New in VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.10
This article has the info on this new version of the UAG. Some interesting updates!

Protecting Enterprise Workstations with VMware Carbon Black
This article is full of good info on Carbon Black and even mentions how it fits in with AppDefense.

Upgrading to NSX-T 3.0
This article looks pretty good to help you do a safe upgrade. This version of NSX-T looks pretty good.

NSX-T Global Manager Installation and Initial Setup
This article will help get your global manager working. I am fond of what NSX-T can do but I find it complex so I like these articles that can help out.

Monitoring and Managing OpenShift Container Platform environments
Dean has an interesting article that can help you with this. There is a lot of functionality for this sort of thing in vROps 8.1.

Change NTP settings of vRealize Network Insight
This is a little different process to this article is quite helpful.

Top 10 VMware Admin Tools of 2020
Pete has the list of the top tools in this article (from 2019) and how to enter for this year.  It is in fact a pretty good list of tools.

Webinar Recap: SovLabs 101
In this article you can find the video to help you learn more about SovLabs.  I am very fond of SovLabs and I have used their products and really enjoyed interacting with their team as well. If you have vRA in your environment, or you help customers with it, you really need to know SovLabs.

Social media and connected apps: do you know what you are sharing?
This article by 1Password has some good info and reminders.

Looking to add a YouTube channel to your RSS Feed?
I did not know you could even do this, but Michael has you covered if you need this. Find out more in this article.

Veeam: How-to Deploy, and Configure MinIO with Erasure Coding enabled, Immutability, and Let’s Encrypt
I mentioned recently how MinIO is a great tool for local object storage and how it was used for testing out Veeams capability in that area during the development process.  So if you want to use it Jorge has you covered with instructions on making MinIO work in this article.

Veeam: Veeam magnets, Visio shapes with magnets, ready to be used on whiteboards in the Real World
Jorge has in this article info on getting Veeam magnets. Which is likely good for partners talking with customers about Veeam.

v10a - Platform Integration with the AWS Plug-in
Anthony covers this off nicely in this article. I like what Veeam has done here.

How to merge Veeam Backup & Replication licenses
I have heard people ask of this recently so it is good to share out this article.

Five ways iOS 14 makes your AirPods better
Interesting article - I love the bit about spatial audio.  I am very fond of my AirPods Pro and these improvements will make them even better.

macOS Big Sur preview: A breath of fresh pixels
You can read the review in this article  I have been using all four beta’s of Big Sur and I am very happy with it.  In fact this newsletter was done on it.

Apple Launches macOS Big Sur public beta
You can learn more in this article.  While I am happy with the beta and it works well, it is a beta and not everything works! So do not put it on your production machine! The article also has links to more on Big Sur. If you need help installing Big Sur public beta this article will help.

iOS 14: 5 great hidden features you should know about
This article does talk about some nice features in iOS 14.  I am only using iPadOS 14 so I have not seem them all yet myself.

Set an Alarm on your iPhone for when your battery reaches full charge
I could see this being useful so here is the article with the info.

Understanding How Apple Security Research Devices Likely Work and Stay Secure
Interesting article about something I was curious about!

Apple Car could embed displays into the windscreen and other windows
Finally, a really good heads up display!  See the details of this patent in this article.

27-inch iMac Receives Significant Update, other iMacs get a nod
This new iMac sounds pretty good indeed.  I am waiting for Apple Silicon before I buy new hardware.

Eero Mesh Wifi Part 1 - My Selection Criteria and Overview
Anthony is looking for new Wifi in his house - see his thinking in this article.  He has selected Eero which is what I use and really like too.

Migrate to Public Cloud(s), strategy and considerations
This article is a bit long and full of info on moving to the cloud. It does a nice overview of things. Moving to the cloud is not as easy it might be.

Incident Response Analyst Report 2019
This is the Kaspersky report and it is good reading.  Find it here. It is good to know more about the attacks so as to better protect your world.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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