Fixing human navigation errors in Gaia GPS software

I always use Gaia GPS software to track where my wife and I hike or wander.  It is a great way to get back to the car when conditions worsen - such as a blizzard in the summer, plus it is always handy to be able to look at a map and see where you are and what is around you.

I have used a number of different hardware GPS units - including one that was a cast off British Army one from the first Gulf War. I really like how Gaia is on my phone and always ready to go.  Plus it has an amazing range of maps that are very handy.  Not just the normal US and Canadian topo maps, but others like Backroad Mapbooks Canada and the National Geographic Trails Illustrated too. It also has a lot of city maps and those are useful when I am in a new city!

But, sometimes I have an issue.  As we start our hike or walk I start Gaia tracking us.  When the hike is over sometimes I forget to stop the tracking.  This article is about fixing that issue.

Here is an example - a short hike, and then a long drive.

This can be fixed but it is tricky and that is why I am writing it down! You can fix - or crop routes on the web site, but you cannot fix tracks there.  And of course I have lots of tracks.

With Gaia it can sync your tracks between devices.  So while I use my iPhone in the field, to do the track editing I will be using my iPad.

You need to access the saved track.

Now you select the pencil that we see with the red arrow above.

Now we use the Crop Track option as seen above. Then you will see a Start and End icon.

Now you mouse on the End icon, and move it towards start.  As you move it you will see track shrink.  Once the track ends where it should like at a parking lot, you can use the scissor symbol in the top right corner to save what you have done.

It will very quickly sync these changes to your other devices.

You now know how to fix an issue that is caused when you forget to tell Gaia to stop tracking you.  I really like this app and use it a lot.  It has always been very useful for us.  And once I was lost, it lead me back to the car quite nicely.

If you have questions or comments let me know.


=== END ===

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