Newsletter: August 1, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is good?  I am on PTO with my wife and have had a wonderful time.  Jasper, Alberta is a wonderful area. I have some time on my own today so I can do this newsletter.

Did you see the article from Friday? It was from a new guest author and I thought it quite interesting.

I have some good stuff to share, so lets get started!

Have a great week!


ESXi Cluster (non-HCI) Rightsizing vRealize Operations
This article is more about right-sizing of the VMs instead of the vSphere cluster.  But is good info.

Bring the Cloud Experience to your on-prem VDI deployments
This article talks about how you can have a cloud - with the nice management that a cloud can provide (sometimes), and have View running on it.  It has links to more learning too which is nice.

How to connect vROps to TKG running in vSphere with Kubernetes
This interesting and detailed article will help you getting vROps connected to your cluster.

VMware vSphere with Kubernetes Part 2 - Harbour, Namespaces, and K8S Components
This is part 2 in the series on making things work in vSphere with K8s.

Troubleshooting & Auditing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Clusters Using Log Insight
This interesting article talks about how nice it is to monitor Tanzu with Log Insight.  There is even a content pack now! I have worked with Log Insight since before 1.0, and I really like it.  I have done amazing things with it, like in the first version beta period I had every device I could find at VMworld reporting to it.  You would be amazed how much data we recieved and Log Insight was a champion with it.

The counter-intuitively Fastest Path to App modernization (part 1)
This article talks about app modernization and it is interesting and has some good points.

VMware HCX - R142 now GA
You can see the release notes on this release.

This KB article will help you with this.

Monitoring SQL and Oracle Backups
This is a very good article to learn more about monitoring database backups. Some good info!

iOS 14 - how to use detailed cycling directions in Apple Maps
While this feature will not be everywhere at first, those who can use it will appreciate it. Knowing the elevation trend of your ride, and if you are in bike lanes or not will be sort of cool, and quite useful.  Learn more in this article.

Turn Your iPhone into a Powerful Webcam with Camo
This article talks about how you could get a much better camera into use so that in Zoom you look potentially much better.

USB-C Is still a Mess
This article talks about why, and it has an interesting hub it mentions and there are some good comments too.

Veeam Backup & Replication v10a
Michael talks about this new release in this article.

Setting the Windows Terminal Tab to vCenter name with PowerShell
Cody has an interesting article. He shows you how to have the application tab reflect your connected vCenter.

Antivirus: A weekly digest of the latest COVID-10 research
This is not a long article, but it has lots of links so you can dive in pretty good. But even if you don’t it has a good update on the state of vaccines.

Hong Kong VPN services Found to log connections and leak user data
This article names the various companies so that is good. Don’t want to use one of these VPN services!

Chinese-made drone app in Google Play spooks security researchers
I do not have a drone, but I certainly can see the fun and use of them.  But this article talks about a security issue in some.

Amazon Fraud Detector is now generally available
This article is about a cool new tool, but I don’t think just anyone will be able to use this tool.  I think it will need a lot of data and not all small business, or even medium will have that.

IBM finds cyberattacks costing companies nearly $4million per breech
I think the most important thing of this report is that it proves if you put some money on protecting your business it will save you even more money!

Atlas of Surveillance
This is an odd web site.  It covers off where in the US there are cameras, or even body-worn cameras.  See it all in this article.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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