Fast multi-tier app failovers using Cleondris

Multi - tier apps are the ones that have database servers, application servers, and web servers.  I visited a customer once that had 14 layers in some of their multi-tier apps.  But in this example we will have 3 but it is easy to tweak to have 4 or 5 or 14.

It is important to design a fast way to failover multi-tier apps as if you do not they can either not start or run when a failover happens, or it can be a very slow failover.  I have seen both happen.

When you work with the Cleondris HCC DR orchestration software it has a nice way to handle multi-tier apps. You can use failover groups, one for the database servers, one for the application servers, and one for the web servers.  Then you execute the database one first, then the application one, and last the web servers and you have all your apps running. Here is what this looks like in Cleondris.

I have also enabled the wait for VMware tools functionality as it will help make sure that all the VMs and their apps in the group are running before the next group is executed.

I hope that this makes sense, but if not please reach out to me - I am happy to help.

BTW, you can use this link to see all my BCDR articles.


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