Newsletter: May 30, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is safe and comfortable as it has been an exciting week.  Covid-19, but also in a few places bad riots.  So I hope all is well with you.  Things good here.

Canada is opening up hair salons, restaurants, golf courses and more but I am not visiting any of them yet.  We are still having infections so I am staying home.  Mind you, I am picking up meals at nice restaurants - very carefully - that we heat at home and that is going very well - and safe too!

I had a number of articles out this week.  One is a guest authored article about container security, another article about selling my home lab - thanks to everyone that responded. There is a new update to macOS and I did a short article on that.

vExpert second half is about to open soon.  You can apply here, or get help with applying here. This is a great program.  Not only do you get vSphere licenses for your lab, but you get access to a vExpert Slack area that is full of smart people that will help. Very cool stuff! I have been in the program for a long time, not sure how long exactly, but I have really liked it, enjoyed it, and appreciated it.

BTW, I was talking with a customer this week and they had not known that VMware has a web site dedicated to the port usage in its products.  So I thought to remind everyone -

Lots to share, so we should get started.

Have a great week! And stay safe too!


Zoom 5.0
It is important to update to Zoom 5.0 as it has vastly improved security. And our webinars really need good security.

VMware Horizon Share Folders Issue with Windows 10
This article is most interesting and is a not working and solution type thing.  I have had troubles with Shared Folders before but this solution is pretty interesting.

3 Ways the Digital Workspace Supports Remote Work Today and Beyond
This article talks about Digital Workspace for remote workers and how it (Workspace ONE) can help make things better. I agree.

VMware Workstation 15.5 Now Supports Host Hyper-V Mode
This was quite a surprise to see but it is good news for customers.  Find out the full details in this article.

Announcing Initial Availability of VMware Cloud Director Service
This sounds very cool. The ability to carve up VMware Cloud on AWS into smaller offerings, and yet they can grow pretty nicely over time.  Details in this article.

VMware Cloud Director 10.1.1 now GA
You can learn more about this release in the release notes. I am very happy that vCD is continuing to grow.  I used it in the past for so many cool things.

Updating a vSphere with Kubernetes Supervisor Cluster
I was wondering about this, and then I saw Davids article on the subject.  Pretty interesting.

Announcing VMware vSphere with Kubernetes Support on the VMware Cloud Foundation Management Domain
The name on this article is what caught my attention.  Kyle is one of my past co-workers and a very smart guy.  He talks about in this article about how VCF has been certified for vSphere with Kubernetes on the management domain. I like how this minimizes host count!

Using Velero to backup and restore applications that use vSAN File Service RWX file shares
Cormac has an interesting article about doing backups in the vSAN File Service space. It is an article about the File Service and K8’s too.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control - Cluster Inspections
Dean has an interesting article for us about doing inspections in Tanzu.  It has some follow up articles that will be quite interesting too!

VMware Tanzu Mission Control - Getting started with your first cluster
Dean has another interesting article about getting started in Tanzu.

vSphere 7 - ESXi System Storage Changes
I upgraded part of my lab to vSphere 7 in the beta program with no issue.  But I heard from others they had trouble with boot media.  I use extra large and high quality USB for boot media.  But when I saw stuff from William, and then this article on how storage has changed I understood what happened. Everyone should read this article as it is interesting and very educational.

vSphere 7 - vSphere Pods Explained
Mike does a great job of explaining in this article what vSphere Pods are and what they can do too.  Great info!

vSphere 7 DRS Scalable shares deep dive
When Frank says deep dive, he really means it.  This article is full of education and knowledge.  Very good info on a new feature in vSphere 7 that many of us should use!

vROps 8.x: Alert triggered for potentially stale objects
You can learn more about this issue, and a workaround, in this article.

vRA 8.1 Custom Resource error: HTTP 500 when creating AD User custom resource
An article about an issue in vRA 8.1 and how to deal with it.  I still find vRA 8.1 pretty complex so these kind of articles is helpful.

vRealize Operations - Monitoring OpenShift Container Platform environments
Dean has a nice how - to article on doing something quite different (for me) with vROps.

Veeam Backup & Replication 10 Cumulative Patch 2
This is an important patch, as it officially supports vSphere 7, but it also has a number of fixes in it too.

Veeam: What’s New in VBR v10 - XFS (Reflink) and Fast Clone Repo’s in Veeam
Jorge has an interesting article about using the Linux version of Fast Clone (Reflink) and getting similar performance improvement as Fast Clone in Windows.  Very handy I think - especially for those service providers who have a ton of Linux repo’s.

Video: How to create a PowerShell Profile
I know that not all the PowerShell users I know understand how to do a profile but it is very good info to have.  So here is a video on how to do it.

Why you shouldn’t Make a Habit of Force-Quiting iOS Apps or Restarting iOS Devices
I have advocated not doing force quit of apps on iOS or iPadOS but it is good to see this article so more people will understand.

Take a HEIC: Make sure AP and Other Test Uploads Work from your iPhone and iPad
I had no idea that students had to take pictures of answer sheets and submit them.  Seems a little odd based on my background.  But this article will help you take the appropriate quality of picture.

How to free up storage space on your iPhone
This article will help you free up space on your iPhone, which is handy to use up with video or music! It can help upgrades too as they need some space, particularly if you use OTA updates.

PSA: How to unlock recently added free fonts in macOS Catalina
This article tells you how to enable new fonts.  I checked in my Mac and I could not see them. I have a corporate mac with a lot of security so no surprise. But I suspect most of you should be able to find the new font and see what they are like and download them if you like them.

iFixit Creates Free Medical Repair Database
I quite like iFixit and the videos they do, but I thought it very nice they are doing a medical repair database.  It has already over 13000 service manuals.  Learn more in this article.

macOS 10.15.5 has a trivial bug, or a ‘reprehensible decision - CCC developer
This article details a similar issue to one I had before 10.15.5 with SuperDuper and the solution was using a destination drive of APFS partition type. SuperDuper told me this was a result of Apple changes.

How to create relationships for contacts on the iPhone
I had someone ask WTF when I asked my iPhone to call my wife, and it did.  I can use wife, sister, and Dad to make call’s or texts via Siri.  If you want to know how to set that up check out this article.

Fine-tune the calibration of your Pro Display XDR on Mac
You can find help with this in this article. I am not able to test this article as I am not willing to pay 6299 or 7499 CAD to get one of these monitors.

macos user?  Check out these software and hardware recommendations
Derek has an excellent list of software / hardware in this article and he has many choices that I use myself!

The State of Ransomware 2020
Sophos has done a bunch of research and produced a white paper on this subject. Good info as Ransomware is hitting more and more companies and to protect yourself it is a lot more work than in the past.

Human-operated ransomware attacks: A preventable disaster
Microsoft has an article on this subject that is interesting. Some good info to help you in your defensive work and planning!

My Wifi Setup - AMPLFI Alien
This article caught my attention due to a picture of how much info was on the Wifi base station.  It also turns out to be very fast which is nice for people that have powerful and fast Internet connections.

How AI and Automation can improve Employee Experience with Dell Technologies and VMware
This article has quite the title but the text doesn’t really talk about the AI usage but it mentions that the PC’s are ready to work with Workspace ONE which is nice. I really like ONE and I sure wish my employer would use it.

Here’s every spaceship that’s ever carried an astronaut into orbit
This article was very interesting to find.  A history of spaceships that carried people into space.

Watching a ton of Zombie movies helped me wrap my head around the COVID-19 Pandemic
This article is sort of interesting.  And she mentions some good Zombie movies!

To Beat Covid-19, You have to know how a virus moves
This is a very interesting article on how the virus infects and travels.  Good info to help you defend yourself.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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