Your Apps failed over – now what?

This article is not a prescriptive type thing, but rather something you should talk about during your BCDR sand-table talk through before you have an outage.

Your apps are now running at the DR site.  How do you end users access them?

There are a number of possibilities, and even combinations of things.

If your apps recovered with the same IP, or with new IP, the DNS gets updated and so your FQDN should work.  If you failover with new IP any hard coded IP in apps is going to be an issue.

  • VPN to the DR site.  VPN’s are old ideas, and hard on peoples bandwidth but they work so this is one possibility.
  • Have a hotel conference room, and use your own Wifi connected to a firewall that does a site to site connection to your DR site.  This is particularly good for the BCDR team, and management. This is a temporary thing but helpful to get things working again.
  • New VDI install – this can be done pretty quick, and give everyone a new desktop.  New desktop is tough but it can work.
  • Existing VDI install – this may have been a geo balanced VDI so parts of it are still working.  And it provides people with their own desktop.  So if it can reach the DR site it is a pretty good solution.

What would I do if I had to start from scratch?  I would have a VDI solution working in production – and I would have a clone of it at DR – and I would replicate desktops between it.

I know several customers that put their VDI infrastructure on the DR side and use it from there.  In a crisis it makes it much easier for the end users.

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