Newsletter: April 25, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well?  I hope the isolation has kept everyone healthy.  Things good here.  A week in the lab on training video, and SE technical deck has been a lot more work than expected.

There is a lot of bad info on Covid-19 out there, and I am amazed at how some cities / towns are ignoring Covid and doing big demonstrations or even parties.  There is enough good info to show how bad of an idea that it.  I miss very much visiting customers and that won’t happen until we get to our new normal. Which seems to be further away each time I look at the news.

I did get one article done this week on installing vROps 8.01.  Was harder than in the past so the article should be helpful.

Lots of interesting articles to share today.  As always, I hope something for everyone.

Have a great, and safe, week,


vSphere 7 - Why Upgrade? Here is what beta participants think!
Bob has an article about what the beta users thought was a feature worth upgrading for.  I quite agree it is a big release with a lot of very useful and cool stuff in it.  I am in fact trying to arrange some training so it is easier to learn about some of the new stuff.  But, having said all this, it is important to make sure you upgrade only when it makes sense. Does all of your related products support the latest vSphere release for example. When you get around to upgrading my article that talks about my upgrade might be useful.

vSphere 7.0, Cloud Native Storage, CSI and offline volume extend
Cormac has an interesting article about an interesting feature in vSphere 7 and CNS.

vSphere 7.0, Cloud Native Storage, CSI and encryption support
Cormac talks about how encryption is now supported with the CSI driver and thus in Kubernetes persistent volumes.

vSphere 7, Cloud Native Storage, CSI and vVols support
Cormac has another article in this space and it is about vVols support and that is cool since I quite like vVols.

vSphere 7 - vSphere Trust of Authority
Bob has a very interesting article on security in vSphere but it is also good learning too so quite worth reading.  I so wish I had TPM in my servers. There is some great security available to customers for their vSphere world.

Enabling vSAN File Services in a vSAN Cluster larger than 8 hosts
Duncan talks about an interesting situation and how to deal with it. I love how Duncan plays with stuff and warns customers about things that might confuse them before they run into it.  Nice.

Continuous Improvement in Simplicity and Resilience with vSAN
Pete has a very nice article that educates you about how vSAN has grown and become more reliable and more resilient too.

Demystifying vCenter Version and Build Number Mismatches
You can learn in this article about why some versions of the build numbers are different when you think they should be the same. The fact is the vCenter version / build inside the appliance will be different than the appliance build number. I remember long ago seeing this, and wandering around and asking dev staff about it.

Walkthrough - Upgrade to NSX-T 3.0
This article can help if you are upgrading to NSX-T 3.0.  Which is a big update I am told.

NSX-T Edge OVF property to automatically join NSX-T Management Plane
William has an article - and a script - to help you do some more automation.  Very cool and this time in NSX-T space.

Announcing Flatcar Lunix Support on vSphere
A new OS is supported on vSphere now, and in particular for a new container OS. Find out more in this article.

Deploy Harbor in an Air-Gapped environment for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)
William talks in this article about setting up Tanzu in an air-gaped environment.  A few of those around so good info.

Understanding File System Architectures
This is a very interesting article that John has done on different file systems.  Very interesting stuff.

How to succeed as a professional tech podcast
Another interesting article by John.  This one on how to be successful in a podcast.   Good info.

A deep dive into the Internet, bandwidth, and how users in EUC and elsewhere affect capacity
Good background on the Internet in this article. It is nice to see that we should not have issues due to us all working at home.

Marriott International video conferencing backgrounds
Marriott has some nice backgrounds for Zoom if you are inclined. Definitely a good collection, and some are of places I would love to visit.

Work from Home with Horizon View Cloud and NetApp - Remote Connected Infrastructures
Chris has written an interesting article on VDI and NetApp.  Some good info to know if you are a NetApp customer.

Announcing Velero Plug-in for vSphere
This article talks about a product that has a plug-in for vSphere and backup of Kubernetes.

Auto-Update File Backup Job from DFS
This article and script could be helpful for anyone using Veeam and backing up shares that are DFS.

Tips on how to coronavirus-proof your home
This article has some good tips on your home life and Covid-19. Some of it is common sense but it is good to be reminded of that.

It’s Time to Build
This article is very well done, and full of good ideas.  I really agree with it.  I hope the Canadian government will pay attention to it. I also share it since we can learn from it too.  We can do more ourselves.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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