Newsletter: April 18, 2020

Hello all,

Another week at home, but also a very busy one.  A lot of work playing in the lab and writing. I hope everyone was able to stay isolated and safe this week.

I have a lot to share this week - big surprise right!? But lets get started.

Have a great week, and stay safe,


Remote Exam Testing is here!
This is great news - remote exam testing will really help out - especially now! Find out more in this article.  It sounds a little strict but that make sense.

VMSA-2020-0006 & CVE-2020-3952: What you need to know
Bob has an article on these issues and the solutions so it is good info that we all should be aware of.

Critical VMware Bug Opens Up Corporate Treasure to Hackers
This article talks about this bug, and it is a pretty scary one.  But it has a patch out already and if you have patched your vC you are good.

Should Automatic Rebalancing be Enabled in a vSAN Cluster?
Pete has a fascinating article on this question.  It is very informative and educational too.  And the answer at the end is Yes. But make sure you read the article so you know why, and in fact know more.

vSphere 7 Upgrade Best Practices
If you have not done your vSphere 7 upgrade yet, here is some help. A helpful VMware KB article. Plus, here is my article that may help too.

ESXi host Time & Date actions menu not working in 7.0 host client - Workaround
Cormac helps with a problem in the host client after the vSphere 7 upgrade in this article.

vSphere 7 - Lifecycle Management
An interesting article about some new functionality in vSphere 7. This is a big change in vSphere 7 and one that is quite useful.

What’s New in vSphere Storage Part III: GuestInfo VirtualDiskMapping Linux, PowerCLI support
So Cody has a new article on good things for people to learn. This is a Linux version of a Windows article I think.

vSAN Best Practices - Part II
This article has some good info on vSAN best practices so if you are a new vSAN user it is a nice article to check out.

vSAN FS: Existing domain information has been pre-populated below
Duncan has an interesting article that I think would impact other people. I love articles that talk of an issue and the solution / workaround.

vSAN File Services considerations
Duncan has an article about things to think about File Services which is pretty handy. I so miss working with vSAN.

Pre-upgrade considerations in Multi-vCenter environments
This article talks about things to think about when you have multi vCenters and need to upgrade.  Some good info.

Quick Tip - Allow unsupported CPU’s when upgrading to ESXi 7.0
This article is quite interesting - even if not supported, and it is pretty good for home labs.

Important - NVMe SSD not found after upgrading to ESXi 7.0
William has an interesting article that people who like to upgrade ESXi with the command line must read!

Heads Up - Nested ESXi crashes in ESXi 7.0 running on older CPU’s
In this article that William has shared, you can learn about an interesting bug and how to avoid it until it is patched.

How to Configure NestedESXi on a Single Host - Part 2
Anthony has part 2 of how to do Nested ESXi which is much appreciated.

Automated vSphere 7 and vSphere with Kubernetes Lab Deployment script
It is most impressive what William does.  I used to have an office near his, and it was always cool to visit to see what he was working on. In this article he talks about a new automation script.  A very powerful too.

vSphere 7 - Introduction to Kubernetes Namespaces
Mike has an interesting article to help you understand more about vShere 7 and Kubernetes. Some great stuff in this article - thanks MIke!

vSphere with Kubernetes - Namespaces, Harbor, and PodVMs
Cormac has a video of this which is pretty interesting. More learning but it is also good to see things working.

Deploying vSphere with Kubernetes
David has a series of articles that are most excellent and will help you make K8’s work with vSphere 7.  Find them all right here.

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes: Announcing GA of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 to take Organizations from zero to K8’s
VCF 4.0 with vSphere 7 with Kubernetes is now GA.  This is a very powerful solution that is designed for easy deploy and easy management.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.0 now GA
Here is the release notes, bits, and docs.

Getting Started with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
Chip has an interesting article on making TKG work so if you need help his article is a good place to start.

Announcing GA of vRealize Operations 8.1
Here is the article with the announcement. The Slack and vRNI integration is pretty interesting.

What’s new in vRealize Orchestrator 8.1
Learn about this new release in this article.

Introducing VMware vRealize Operations Cloud
This article talks about the vROps cloud which is a fascinating product.  I think it will help out customers with multiple geographic locations, but also think about the data mining possibilities.

What’s New for the VMware Cloud on AWS PowerCLI Module
Here is an article that will help you get an idea about the new PowerClI module for VMC.

Never Waste a Trial: Lessons in Times of Adversity
This title caught my eye as I learned a lot in the DR events and problems I helped customers with in the past.  But it is talking about Workspace ONE which I agree is a most excellent way to empower customers, but also communicate with them too.

Announcing GA of VMware vRealize Automation 8.1
Here is the announcement of vRA 8.1. Here is a technical look at what is new. Here is an article on approval polices. As well, here is an article on multi-tenancy support.

SovLabs vRealize Automation Optimization and Upgrade Analysis Tool
I am very fond of the people at SovLabs, and the products they have done.  In this article by Sid they talk about a new product / service that will help people with the vRA v7 to v8 upgrade which is not really an upgrade but maybe a migration. I do know of people that are using vRA v7 for important stuff and I think that this product / service should be very useful for them.

Configuring Multi-Organization Tenancy in vRealize Automation
I have not tried to do multi-org in vRA.  But I think it could be a bit of work, as some is done in vRA, but also in the storage and other places.  But here is an article that helps with it in vRA.

Deploying a Nested Lab Environment with vRA - Part 1
This article series will help you do a nested vSphere lab using vRA.  Good way to learn more about vRA for sure.

vSphere Upgrade Saga: Blade Swap
Here is an article about an pretty interesting upgrade.  I think that Edward left out some of the pain. But some good lessons in this upgrade.

Pure Storage Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations
You can find in here, and if you are a Pure shop I highly recommend this management pack.  They really help vRealize Operations understand the full stack.

NetApp Storage Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations
You can find this management pack here. Again this is a big help with improving vRealize Operations to help even more!

Upgrading to VMware Cloud Director 10.1 - SSL Management Changes
You can learn more about SSL in the upgrade of vCD in this article.

What’s new in vRealize Log Insight 8.1
You can learn about the new stuff in this article.  I love the scalability improvement, and the additional integration with vROps.  But there is new stuff for everyone!  This is a big release.  I cannot wait to update to it.

VMware Update on VMworld 2020
In this article you can learn about how VMworld this year will be virtual. Which totally makes sense in our situation today.

Runecast Analyzer 4.2 brings new SAP HANA & NIST capabilities for VMware users
I really like the Runecast tool.  A few days back it expired in my lab so I don’t have it any longer.  But it was nice to see the new version which sounds good and you can learn more in this article.

How to backup 4M files with Veeam Backup NAS
This article will help you with backing up NAS with Veeam which is a cool new feature in v10 of VBR.

How to check which iPhone apps have camera and mic access
This is something I check every now and again.  For some reason often in airports when I am waiting to board my aircraft. You should know how to check what apps have access to your camera and mic.  If you don’t this article will help.

Apple changes default MacBook charging behavior to improve battery health
This interesting change is in the future, but it sounds like a good one.

How Apple and Google are tackling one of the toughest parts about tracking COVID-19 exposures
This article talks about how Apple and Google are trying to help with the Covid-19 problem and a lot of people think that this is bad. I don’t.  I think Apple will protect my privacy as much as they can. But, much more important, did you know there is at least 147,337  people killed by Covid-19?  There is at least 2,181,508 cases of people sick. There is a lot of people who are walking around infected but not sick.  So the isolation is important, and if the app can help people understand who is infected or transmissions routes that is a very good thing.  Especially if we want to survive this and get through to the NEW normal.

You Clap for me now: the coronavirus poem on racism and immigration in Britain
This video was shared with me by my wife and with the comment of something people could learn from. It is in fact pretty darn good.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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