Newsletter: March 28, 2020

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone well?  Another week at home, and only afternoon walks outside of the house for avoiding cabin fever for us. Things are better in some parts of the world now and worse in others.  And for some reason, stores in a variety of places are still running out of toilet paper.  Makes no sense to me. I hope everyone reading this is keeping safe and washing their hands a lot!

I was able to get some articles out recently - iPadOS 13.4, iOS 13.4, Upgrading my View environment to 7.12, and adding ControlUp to my lab. BTW, ControlUp is the most amazing monitoring software.  The things it can do - that are actually useful, is amazing. Also, my View upgrade went pretty good!  I like how they are continuing to improve the HTML5 admin UI.

I have had fun recently starting on my vSphere Next upgrade article.  It is a little different and it fooled me for a while.  So my article will be quite helpful I think.

Here is a link to a free PDF about COVID-19 prevention and treatment. It comes from the first impacted hospital and a medical school.  I cannot comment on the quality but maybe it can help. BTW I heard that some people are making homemade masks out of cloth.  They do not work and you can learn more about that in this article. If you want to help, and have a 3D printer you can make shields that do in fact work and would be wonderful to give to health care professionals. There is a design out that that you should be able to find - I cannot right now but I am not a 3D printer guy.

Have a great week, and stay safe!


vSphere 7 Launch Event
You should join this event as it will be all about vSphere 7 and there is a lot to that release.  Really a lot!

DRS - Tracking changes & alerting through vROps
This is quite an interesting idea in this article where you can track DRS rules in vROps.  Nice audit method.

vSAN 7.0 UI enhancements for vSphere Replication
Duncan talks about some very cool enhancements in the UI for vSphere Replication.  Things I had wondered about in the past for sure!

vSphere 7 - Improved DRS
A very nice article talking about how DRS is different in vSphere 7. The change from cluster state to workload is very good.

vSphere 7 - Identity Federation
Bob has an article that is pretty interesting.  I like how in vSphere 7 we can have the option for MFA and 2FA which is pretty powerful.

vSphere 7 - Launch Recap & Links, Week 2
Bob has a nice recap of week two and the articles that came out.

Hot to Tune vMotion for Lower Migration Times?
I heard from several people lately about slow vMotion and how to speed it up.  So I am sharing this article that can help you do that.

Workspace ONE Intelligence Series, Episode 8: Q4 Updates - Risk Analytics, RBAC, Win10 App Approval and Network Insights
This article talks about some updates in the Workspace ONE Intelligence area.  I love the Risk score as I find it useful in security work. But learn about all the new stuff in the article.

HCX Manager on “VMC on AWS” is not available after deployment
You can learn more about this issue, and how to fix it in this article.

VMware Cloud on AWS - Compute Polices - The start of something great!
Brian has an article on some cool stuff in VMC and it is sort of affinity rules 2.0 and I look forward to it coming down to the rest of us vSphere users at some point.

VMware Cloud Foundation upgrade info
This KB article has info on the upgrade levels to be aware of when upgrading vCF. With 4.0 coming out soon this might be useful for some of you.

Can BYOD Help in a Pandemic?
A very detailed article and full of good info to think about. I think after this pandemic many more customers will support BYOD and do it in a good way that is also secure.

Tanzu Mission Control - Using Kubernetes to Manage Kubernetes
An interesting article about managing Kubernetes using Tanzu.

How to Effectively Integrate Data Management into your ML Ops processes with NetApp AI Control Plane
Here is a blog that talks about this, and a technical report on the subject as well.  NetApp HCI has a bunch of customers doing this sort of thing.

An Education on NetApp Cloud Data Services … Fact not Fiction …
An article that clears up some serious FUD. I really don’t like FUD.

Securing your home network in preparation for Working From Home
This article will provide some ideas for securing your working from home experience.  I do like having a guest wifi network.   Good for guest but also good for IoT devices.

Migrating User and Password Objects between Active Directory Forests
Dean has an article about migrating user AND password objects between forests so definitely good info. I did this once long ago but could not figure out how to migrate the passwords.

Life after NKS. NetApp to work with ‘all flavors of Kubernetes’
Yes NetApp has dropped NKS, but it is not moving away from K8’s but rather it wants to work with more of K8’s out there.  See more in this article.

Cohesity Pitches in to the [email protected] project
It was nice to see that Cohesity pitched in on the Folding at home project.  I am supporting it too - not only for the Covid-19 but also the fact they are doing ALS stuff too.  My mother was killed by ALS so it is good to hear that [email protected] is helping on that.

v10 for Service Providers - vCloud Director 10.0 Support and Self Service Portal Enhancements
Anthony talks about some cool stuff for Veeam and vCD in this article.

How to configure NestedESXi on a Single Host - Part 1
Anthony has done an article to help people do nested ESXi and that is very useful! Much thanks Anthony!

Work-from-Home Tips v1
Edward has recently updated his work from home article and I think it worth looking at as it has some good points!

Every Little Bit Counts: Helping Out While Working from Home
Matt talks about Folding At Home in this article.  Nice idea and I am doing it too. What I am not doing and Matt is, is the production of Face Shields with a 3d printer is pretty darn cool.

Live Cyber Threat Map
I saw this threat map recently and thought it interesting. It is done by CheckPoint so I assume it is info from CheckPoint.

Building a Blog with Jekyll Static HTML
Ray has an interesting article on how you can replace WordPress with Jekyll.  Good info to improve security but also save money as well.  Thanks Ray!!

Apple Releases macOS 10.15.4 Catalina, watchOS 6.2, tvOS 13.4, and iOS 13.4 for HomePod
This article talks about these updates.  I like the iCloud folder sharing, and there is a lot of security fixes.

iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4: Trackpad Support, iCloud Drive Folder Sharing, and More
This article talks about the the iOS and iPadOS updates.  Again iCloud folder sharing and security updates are important in the list of things.

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