Thank you VMware - for vExpert and so much more!

I wanted to say in the public, how much I appreciate VMware, and its vExpert program.  I am part of the 2020 batch of vExperts and it means a lot to me. BTW, here is the welcome blog from Corey.

What does it mean to me?  It means I am part of a team, and a team of smart and friendly people.  I have the ability to talk with them, and help, or let them help me.  This is the biggest part of the vExpert program and I love that.  I also really appreciate the VMware licenses that are part of the vExpert program as that lets me play in my home lab and that is a lot of fun too.  It also means I can help other vExperts sometimes, and also customers sometimes when I visit them for my employer.

There is more too.  I really appreciate what VMware has done for customers - like vMotion, DRS, HA, or VUM and I love being able to talk with them about it, and help them do even better with it. I remember the times I demo’ed vMotion, or HA, or Storage vMotion back in the day and people flipped out. Or recently I demo’ed VUM for someone who had not used it and they were so impressed they could do patching without any outages for the users.

Thank you VMware, and thank you to the vExpert program as well. I very much appreciate all that you do to help out us vExperts!




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