NetApp HCI and Active Directory

I had a customer ask me about using active directory accounts with NetApp HCI.  So here is how to do that.  Of course this does imply you need a NetApp HCI infrastructure to work with.

Start on the LDAP screen.  Which is under the Cluster option.

Now when you enable you will see a bunch of options.

Now filling in the fields is tricky.  Use my example below.

It is important to note that one of the fields – User Search Filter – has a value that is longer than what you can see.  So it is right here:


You will need to use your own DN instead of mine but it should be similar but with your names.  Once the fields are filled in you need to hit Save Changes.

Next, we need to test. So above where you filled in stuff, you need to enter an account that should work.

Once it says success, that is most excellent. Now you must copy into the buffer one of the groups you see.  Note for me that I am in two groups.  I can copy either of them into the buffer.

Now we need to create a user on this group so that anyone in that group can log in. So now you change to the User view and use the Create button.

When you create a new user, change to the LDAP type, and paste the group in your buffer to the Distinguished Name field.

Next select the permissions – I normally select all of them. Now you need to scroll down to the end of the End User License Agreement.

You need to accept the end user stuff and then use the green Create Cluster Admin button.

Now you will have a user with the value of an Active Directory group.

Now to test, you would log out of the Solidfire UI, and then log in as a user in that group.  Which worked good for me!

Let me know if you have questions or comments.


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