Newsletter: February 22, 2020

Hello all,

Another week at home so that was pretty good for me.  But back on the road next week - heading to HQ so that should be fun. I have an interesting range of articles to share this week.  There were a few problems here and there that I heard about that caused articles to be found and selected to be shared.

I helped someone move to a new iPad - from an old iPad and so had a chance to re-visit and update my article on the subject. I also updated my home lab article - after I saw other people’s articles I thought I should add more detail.

Have a great week,


Multi-GPU and Distributed Deep Learning
Frank has an amazing article.  So much learning and interesting stuff and so well presented.  Most excellent, and thanks Frank!

AppVol 2.14.2 breaks Chrome in AppStacks
You can find more about the problem, and the solution, in this message thread.  I suspect this will impact anyone that does Chrome in AppStacks.

Getting (re)Started with PowerActions
I used to use PowerActions and really liked them. Then they were gone. In this article you can learn how they have come back and how to use them. They are in the vSphere Web Client fling, but hopefully that means soon in the GA version of the vSphere Client.

Introducing New Features for vRealize Log Insight Cloud Dashboards
This article talks about some new stuff for this cloud based Log Insight.  Very powerful Log Insight for sure!

Good Security Thrives in Simplicity
Bob has an interesting article about security and he is bang on with the comment about simplicity really helps security big. Simplicity means easier for more people to understand, troubleshoot and implement.  Plus fix when necessary.

Best Practices for vSphere 6.7 tagging
Nigel has an article about a technical white paper on the best practices for vSphere 6.7 and tagging.  I know the author of the TWP and he is very smart indeed so should be a very useful TWP.

Become a VMware NSX Expert Today
This article will help you learn more about NSX.  And it looks like it can.  I love how it starts at the beginning and grows from there!

Double-Check your iPhone’s Medical ID Emergency Contacts
This article will help you get your Medical ID stuff filled out.  That means emergency contacts but also your blood type and more.  A surprising number of EMT’s, doctors and nurses know about this and will use it in a crisis if they have too. A nurse used mine recently as she did not want to interrupt the doctor and I chatting.  All the nurses in that hospital had been trained by their IT to know how to do it.

Cluster API is a Big Deal. Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie tell you why.
This is an interesting article as I have heard people speak about the cluster API before and now I know why.

Windows 10’s New Update is Deleting People’s files again
This article talks about something that is very not cool. Updates should do no deleting of files that don’t belong to them!

Veeam v10 Launch
Veeam had an interesting virtual event for the launch of v10 this week.  You can see Melissa’s fav features in this article. Anthony talks about the event in this article. Michael talks about it and more in this article. Here is Anthony’s article on the top new features.  I have updated VBR in two labs and with no problem in either case, and the backups are going well.  I am not using any of the big new features yet, but I am happy that the upgrade was easy and caused no issues.

Quick Fix: Can’t Log into Enterprise Manager due to Not Installed or Corrupt License
Anthony has a problem and a way to avoid the problem in this article.

Apple Introduces Mac Catalyst Version of Swift Playgrounds
I thought this was quite interesting for Apple to do.  I think I will play with it one day when I have some time.  I have seen a lot of kids quite happy with Swift Playgrounds and they learned some amazing stuff.

How shortcuts changed the ways I use my iPad for the better
I think this article is good but the author has gone overboard with shortcuts.  But I suspect many of us will find a shortcut idea or two and that will be good enough for us. To get the shortcuts, you need to click on them while on your iPad which has the Shortcuts app.

The Virtual Production of the Mandalorian
This video about the production of the Mandalorian was amazing.  This was, indirectly, a big part of why I enjoyed that show so much.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far.


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